drivers ed study guide

accidents must be reported if..
there is more than 1000$ in damages or any injuries.

asl for alley/parking lot
10 mph

asl for city/urban
30 mph

asl for freeways

vehicles with a slow moving behicle sign on them
dont go over 30mph

the basic speed law
never drive faster then conditions allow

bycycles must be allowed
at least three feet from the side of your car

dwi is if your bac reaches

dwi will be fined with
$1000 or 90 days in jail and 30 revocation

dui can be charged with
as low as .04 bac

zero tolerance law
if your under 21 with any measurable amount of alcohol and your license will be suspended for at least 30 days for the first offense and 6 monthes for second one

reinstatement fee after any alcohol related offense is

implied consent law states:
Refusal to take the breathalyzer test will result in a one year revoction of driving privileges

the not a drop law applies to
drivers under 21 & states “any measueable amout of alcohol is a dwi

the amount of alcohol in a shot of hard liquer=
a wine cooler= a beer

emergency vehicles=
yield when there lights are flashing

following distance
3 seconds behind the preceding vehicle (practice 4)

headlights must be on when…
raining, snowing, hailing,sleeting, or there is fog. Also sunset until sunrise.

headlight must be on when u cant see..
500 feet in front of u

overdriving your headlights means
you can NOT stop within the distance your headlights shine

headlights must shine
at least 150 feet on low beams and 350 feet on high beams

headlight high beams must be dimmed
when there is oncoming traffic less than 1000 feet, when there is preceding traffic less than 200 feet

Minimum insurance in MN
no fault/liability

If caught without insurance the maximum penalty
up to $1,000 or 90 days in jail and license revoked for 30 days

U turns legal if you can see for ?? feet

Turn left on red light ONLY when
you’re turning from a one-way onto a one-way

Parking distance: from fire hydrant
10 feet

Parking distance: from uncontrolled intersection
20 feet

Parking Distance from controlled intersection
30 feet

Parking distance from Railroad crossing
50 feet

Passing is NOT allowed
within 100 feet of intersection, underpass, tunnel or RR crossing; on hill where you can’t see 700 feet

Distance to stop from bus when red lights are flashing/arm extended
20 feet

Signal x feet before you turn/change lanes/etc
100 feet

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