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What consists of one or more chips on the motherboard that hold items such as data and instructions while the processor interprets and executes them?
You want to run another operating system on your computer in addition to the one already installed. What would let you do this?
Virtual Machine
What is the term for using a set of conditions to measure the performance of hardware in your network?
You want to remove unnecessary files from your computer. What do you use?
Disc Cleanup
You want to shrink the size of a file. What do you use?
File Compression
What is an error in a program called?
a Bug
A piece of software you use is privately owned and limited to a specific vendor. What is the term for this kind of software?
Which is NOT an Android release?
You run a large network in which it is important to keep a duplicate of the central devices in case the primary one fails. What category of network topology does this network use?
Star Network
Which network type connects each computer and device to a central device?
Star Network
Which technology is your new remote control most likely to use?
What statement best describes how to RFID standard works?
The network uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, animal, or person.
What is NOT true of communications software?
Email, FTP, and VoIP are examples of system software for communications
What type of media transmits multiple signals simultaneously?
Which is the best description of a coaxial cable?
A single copper wire surrounded by at least three layers
Which has the fastest maximum transfer transmission rate?
What is a 4G standard?
Which is not that a DBMS deals with deleting records from a database?
Records cannot be deleted from a database
Which statement is NOT true about the database approach?
A disadvantage to the database approach is isolated data
What is the process that large databases use to find patterns and relationships among data?
Data mining
You store all of your photographs on a website that uses a database to store the photos users post. What is this type of database called?
Collaborative Database
What is another name for a database analyst?
Data modeler
Which is a chart type, also called a network diagram, that is best suited for scheduling a large and complex project?
Which is NOT true about project requests?
A project request falls under the analysis phase of an SDLC
What is a REP?
A document in which a vendor selects products and quotes prices
What is a var?
A company that purchases products from manufacturers and resells them to the public, also offering additional services with the product
Which type of test is used to verify that all programs in an application work together properly?
Which conversation strategy has as its main disadvantage that is it costly to operate two systems at the same time?
In HTML, how is a tag used?
To specify how a webpage is displayed when viewed on the web
What is the term for a network that covers a large geographical area, such as a city, country, or the world, using a variety or wired and wireless transmission media?
Wide Area Network (WAN)
What kind of network must all of the computers and devices on the network connect to a central device?
Star Network
How many feet can the range of Bluetooth devices be extended with additional equipment?
For best performance of a communications channel, what should be true?
Bandwidth should be high and latency low
What refers to the producers that keep data current?
File Maintenance
What is the process of comparing data with a set of rules or values to find out if the data is correct?
What is a program with which users interact that generally has a more user-friendly interface that a DBMS?
Front End
A DBMS uses what to perform validation checks?
Data Dictionary
What consists of rules and standards that define how a database organizes data?
Data Model
Which is true in a relational database?
Each row has a primary key and each column has a unique name
What general guidelines should system development NOT follow?
Repeat tasks intermittently
When you purchase your computer, it may include recovery media in the form of a CD.
When a computer is running multiple programs concurrently, the one in the background is the active program; that is, the one currently in use.
If a user or a task has been assigned a higher priority than other by the network administrator the operating system performs higher-priority tasks first.
Operating systems rarely provide a means to establish internet connections.
If the username and password match the username and password kept on file, an operating system grants access to the user.
In the Mac IS GUI, you can drag scrollers to display more window content.
Windows 8 in a UNIX-based operating system
In a networked environment, no authorized computer can access data and information stored on other computers on the network.
A MAN typically includes one or more WAN’s like those shown in the accompanying figure, but covers a smaller geographical area other than a LAN.
Each token ring network has several tokens.
ISDN is more widely used now than in the past.
ISDN and DSL are more widely used than cable.
Some smartphones can function as a wireless modem, called a mobile hot-spot, when tethered to a personal computer.
Wireless access points have high-quality antennas for optimal signals.
Wireless transmission media are used when it is impossible to install cables.
Infrared (IR) is a wireless transmission medium that sends signals when using infrared light waves.
For radio transmissions, a transmitter is needed to send the broadcast radio signal a receiver to accept it.
Timely information has an age suited to its use.
A common reason to change a record is to update old data with new data.
Many database programs today have a webpage as their back end.
Query by example uses a geographical user interface that assists users with retrieving data.
A data model defines how the operating system actually arranges the data on the disk.
In a relational database, the only data redundancy (duplication) exists in the common columns (fields) used for relationships.
Whereas a relational database can store more than two dimensions, a multidimensional database is a two-dimensional table.
A larger version of data warehouse is the data mart
Metadata describes the widespread growth of data, the variety of formats in which this data is available.
CAE aids in the development and testing of product designs, and often includes CAD.
System development only involves representatives from the IT department.
Information literacy prepares students, employees, and citizens to manage information so they can be knowledgeable decision makers.
Detailed analysis sometimes is called technical design.
Some systems include an email program and browser.
a disk is a utiltiy that recognizes the files and unused space on a computer’s hard disk so the operating system accesses data more quickly and the program runs faster.
The person overseeing network operations, called the network , uses the server operating system to add and remove users, computers, and other devices to and from a network .
In windows, the includes a button that enables you to display all your apps and to manipulate files.
A(n) device is a device that accepts the transmission of data, instructions, or information.
allows users connected the a network to transfer money from one account to another via transmission media.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
A(n) is a high-speed network that connects networks in an area such as a city or town and handles the bulk of communications activity across that region.
MAN (metropolitan area network)
technology uses short-range radio waves to transmit data between two devices.
Infrared requires transmission, that is, the sending device and the receiving device mist be in line with each other so that nothing obstructs the path of the infrared light wave.
line of sight
is a newer network standard developed by IEE that specifies how wireless devices communicate over the air in a wide area.
With a(n) , users create a computerized database; add, change, and delete data in the database; sort and retrieve data from the database; and create forms and reports from the data in the database.
In the ASCII coding scheme, each byte represents a single , which can be a number, letter, space, punctuation mark, or any other symbol.
unneeded records reduces the size of files, thereby freeing up storage space.
A(n) session is a lengthy, structured, group meeting in which users and IT professionals work together to design or develop an application.
JAD (Joint Application Development)
The phase consists of two major activities: (1) conduct a preliminary investigation and (2) perform detailed analysis.
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