Describe The Conditions (external And Internal) Under Which Essay Example
Describe The Conditions (external And Internal) Under Which Essay Example

Describe The Conditions (external And Internal) Under Which Essay Example

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  • Published: April 22, 2017
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Yahoo should operate under certain conditions for it to be effective. There are certain terms and conditions which govern Yahoo operations which the company should legally comply to them.

It is advisable that one understand these conditions before accessing any information from the site. The site has also some products and services which are personal and not transferable to any other person or company.Use of material, copyrightThe site has certain restriction on the use of material present in the site. It authorizes persons to view copy and print the material from the site for non commercial purposes. It is mandatory that the users agree to use these services in a way consistent with the all local and federal laws and regulations which govern the operations of this site.

He she should comply with the rules put forward by local auth


orities and other federal institution on the use of certain software and other items provided on the site. The site prohibits any act which might infringe the benefits of others as they are considered to constitute a criminal offence. This can give rise to civil liabilities to the company. Under this condition, the Yahoo Company also prohibits the transfer or transmission advertisement or commercial solicitation on the site. U.S.

and foreign copyright and trademark law protects contents such as text, images, graphics and other material. The laws stipulate certain aspects that one should comply when using these contents. These include one should not modify or sell the material, display and publicly perform among others. The use of the Material on any other Web site or in a networked computer environment for any purpose is prohibited (Swidler,

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1996)Company's LiabilityThe site also stipulates that users of the site are liable for the risks that they personally incur.

The materials might be having some typographical errors but the company does not make any representations about reliability, accuracy or timelessness of the materials.Disclaimer of Consequential DamagesThe Yahoo Company clearly stipulates that they arte lawyers hence shall not be responsible for damages to that the users incur due to inability to use the site even though it is binding under the warranty, contract or tort. The information offered by the site are constructed for informational purposes and not for legal advice.Links to Other SitesThe Yahoo Company is not responsible for any content linked to the third party web sites.  The company does not make any representations of to the accurateness of the content of such a third party web sites.

TerminationUsers may terminate the agreement made with the company at any time. This is done by destroying all materials obtained from all Yahoo sites and any other relevant documentation. Any breach of terms and conditions amounts to termination by the company in its own judgment without the notice of the user.Software LicensesUse of software is regulated by terms of software license agreements and other copyrights. Any software to be downloaded from the site are protected and conditioned by the terms of the License Agreement.Process of strategizing and the resulting strategiesYahoo Company has had very firm and effective processes in strategizing way forward to realization of the objectives of the company.

Before Semel took the position of CEO of the Yahoo, the company’s turn over was going down. When he was elected for the post, he had no

knowledge pertaining internet technology.He put forward strategies that are aimed establishing customer base and eradicating any fears among the existing customers about mini-internet bubble. This was his initial step immediately he was inaugurated in the office. This was in 2004 when the company’s return was very little and that necessary steps were to be adopted to salvage the situation. During the same year, the company profits started to increase from around $15 to $38 after he took over the position.

The Yahoo is also trying as much as possible to pursue its broadband strategy through acquisitions. According to the excerpt given, the company acquired WUF networks which had more advance technology. The aim of the move was to enable the customers to access digital information through their phones. The presents of mobile phone technology plays an important role as it enables the reach its customer’s offline. The presence of the broadband strategies offers the company a very great strength in the market.

Semel tried as much as possible to make services more available to customers through any internet connected devices.Remarkable changes were made in the structures and culture of the company. The site was designed in a way that it could offer various attractive services for free. Semel has also changed approach to decision making as way forward of improving the efficiency of the company. He scrubbed the old overwhelming decision making approach which was ineffective (Swidler, 1996)Efficient and effective business model has also been employed by the Yahoo Company as a process of proper strategies. After the rethinking of the efficient business model, the company received a lot of potential advertisers such as Coca-cola, General


These companies have been flocking the site.Vying for customers has also been one of the strategies adopted by Yahoo Company. Due to competition the company is facing, it has to establish strong such operations as a way of retaining users of the site.2).       Describe what is meant by the expression “competing on the edge”.

When do companies have to “compete on the edge” to be successful? In general terms, how does a company “compete on the edge” (i.e., what processes are used?)Managers of today’s economy are faced with various problems in the management of the change. Change management has posed a lot challenges that a created a lot difficulties. The challenge has been the process of responding to changes in the company, anticipation made and how to lead change where possible. Compete on the edge has been defined as the unpredictable strategies that are beyond the managers control and more so inefficient to that nevertheless describes best practices that are essential for managing change (Brown, 2000)Companies need to have these compete on the edge when there is competitiveness in the market.

Establishing successful startups is very vital in current economy which demands for reformation of strategies.  The companies should have strategies that can be used to response to any unpredictable condition that occur in the business environment. Due to high competition in the market, Companies should be global much faster ad be in a position get access to customers and other channels in the fastest way possible.Companies also adopt compete on the edge when there is introduction of new technology in the company. Technology is the central issue to success of any business and

it is important that companies design responding mechanisms.

  Introduction of a technology in an organization is a challenge that has posed a lot of threats to many managers (Brown, 2000).For a Company to compete on the edge, it should basically establish a framework which stipulates the companies that dominates the economical market. It is recommendable for the company to point out three basic domains for the company to gain competitive edge. These include:Product leadershipThis entails a company coming up with products that are outstanding in the market what it is termed as cutting edge products. These essentially for customers who value first moving products (Swidler, 1996)Customer intimacyCompanies should try as much as possible to ensure that there good rapport with the clients or the customers.

There should be lasting relationships with other parties. The company should try as much as possible to offer wide variety of products and services according to their needs. Yahoo Company through the new CEO transforms Yahoo products into a digital Disneyland for the internet age to enable web surfers to get variety of services that are irresistible. The management further built up their own niches around their sites (Brown, 2000)Operational excellenceCompanies should be in a position to offer low cost value products and services to customers.

Operational excellence refers to provision of no-frills, fast and low cost value goods to customers by companies.Establishing strategic technology roadmaps: It is vital that Companies which has adopted certain change develop a extensive continuum of expertise that can bring about gaining of competitive edge over their competitors. The Yahoo Company should establish strategically focused technology for a global market perspective which can contribute extensively

to better outcomes (Brown, 2000)Locking in customer mindshare- It is important that the senior management should understand the competitive landscape. It is important companies should have clear information on competitor’s strategies. It is also vital that company should have effective support teams that can assist in influencing early potential customers of the organization. This will help to lock in mindshare among the customers (Swidler, 1996)3).

      Competing on the Edge uses examples of companies in the computer industry to illustrate a variety of strategic positions and dilemmas (e.g. Fable, New wave, and Midas in Chapter 4. Which of these examples in the text best aligns with the situation in ‘Yahoo!’?New Wave Company had experience loss in the market share in the early 1980s. The CEO of the company Mr.

Hoover decided to adopt new models and other new designs that could bring changes in the economy of the company. The strategies towards the competitive edge was similar top those adopted by Yahoo company (Chen, 1994)The initial stage of salvaging the company was to ensure that the needs of the customers are factored. Hoover recognized that large number of customers was demanding new products and services which they called greener products. These products should be very outstanding in order to outwit the competitors in the market.

Their competitors included Zanussi which had employed a very strong mechanism that pumped water to the top of machine and sprayed clothes instead of wetting them in a drum. These assisted this company to incur little costs due to the fact that water and energy was saved. Managers from different department brainstorm over the market specification of new range of

greener products that the customers demanded.  The CEO of Yahoo Company was very concern with the needs of web surfers and made sure that they get what they want and according to their preferences (Chen, 1994)The company did a lot of extensive research and development on effective operations of the company.

In the process of research, there were several concepts adopted. These include spin wash, front fill and spray paddles among others. All these increased the efficiency of the company (Brown, 2000)The company was placed in a better position after conducting research and development on products and services. The various products designed by the CEO of the company had a lot of impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

It enables the company to reduce the costs of operations.New Wave Company has also formed some alliances with other biotech companies which resembles the acquisitions made by Yahoo in 2004. These alliances enable the company to acquire a very critical source of capital (Swidler, 1996)

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