Death of a Salesman Multiple Choice Act 2

Where did Biff go early that morning?
He went to see Mr. Oliver.

What did Willy want to talk about with Howard?
He wanted to talk about the New York job.

What is the result of Willy’s conversation with Howard?
Willy is fired.

“You can’t eat the orange and throw the peel away — a man isn’t a piece of fruit!” Explain why Willy said that.
He has spent the best years of his life working for the company, and now, in his old age, they are letting him go since there is no use for him.

Why didn’t Willy go with Ben years ago when Ben offered him a job?
He had inflated his own business worth to Linda, so that when the opportunity came, Linda didn’t see the need, since Willy was already on such a great career path.

Ben says. “What are you building? Lay your hands on it. Where is it?” What is the point of this line?
Willy hasn’t done much worthwhile with his life. He is in debt, he is a failure at business, and his boys appear to be just like him.

Where does Willy go after his conversation with Howard?
He goes to see Charley for money to cover his life insurance premium payment.

Willy wants to find out what went wrong with Biff, why he didn’t do anything with his life after the age of 17. Who does he ask?
He asks Bernard

What reply does he receive.
Biff was ready to go to summer school to make up the math class, but when he returned from Boston, he gave up.

Why can’t Willy work for Charley?
If Willy would work for Charley, he would admit that his whole life had been wrong.

Biff says, “. . . I realized what a ridiculous lie my whole life has been.” What does he mean?
He realized that he was raised on a false philosophy, and that most of the things that
happened were glossed over and made far better than they were. Bill realized that he was a Clerk and a thief.

What was the result of Biff’s meeting with Bill Oliver?
He got brushed aside. He would never get the money, and he would have no more meetings with Bill Oliver.

What does Happy want Biff to tell Willy at the restaurant?
He wants Biff to paint a glossy picture of the meeting with Oliver instead of telling the truth.

Willy says, “. . . the woods are burning, boys. Can’t you understand? There’s a big blaze going on all around.” What does that mean?
Willy’s world is falling apart. He had lost his job and has no resources. He is getting trapped by the years of lies he has lived.

What does Willy do while Biff is trying to explain the facts of his meeting with Bill Oliver?
He daydreams of the time Biff flunked math.

What did Biff take from Bill Oliver?
He took a fountain pen.

Identify Miss Forsythe and Letta.
They are women who come into the restaurant. Happy is more interested in getting a date with them than in the welfare of his own father.

Where does Willy go when he begins to daydream in the restaurant?
He goes to the restroom to compose himself.

Why can’t Biff help Willy?
They both get frustrated and yell at each other.

Happy denies that Willy is his father. Why?
Happy doesn’t want the responsibility of caring for Willy.

What happened in Boston? What do we finally find out is the problem, the secret between Willy and Biff?
Biff went to talk to his father and walked in on Willy and the woman with whom he was having an affair.

Why did Biff go to Boston in the first place?
He went to ask Willy to talk his teacher into changing a grade so he wouldn’t have to go to summer school.

Where does Willy go after he realizes that the boys have left him at the restaurant?
He buys some carrot seeds for his garden and goes home to plant them.

Why does Linda knock the flowers to the floor?
She is furious because the boys left Willy at the restaurant.

“Willy says, ” A man can’t go out the way he came in, Ben, a man has got to add up to something.” What does he mean.
He feels like he should have contributed something to the world, and he didn’t.

Why does Willy decide to kill himself?
He can leave a lot of insurance money to Biff if his death looks like an accident.

Biff says, “Will you take that phony dream and burn it before something happens?” What is the significance of this line?
It foreshadows Willy’s death.

What is Willy’s response to Biff’s whole scene when Biff ends up crying?
He thinks it is remarkable that Biff actually likes him.

How does Willy kill himself?
He speeds away in his car and has a fatal car accident.

Biff realizes that Willy’s philosophy was wrong, and most of Willy’s life was made up of illusion. What does he say in the requiem that tells us this?
“He had all the wrong dreams. All, all wrong.”

Based on the events of the play and our knowledge of the characters, what will probably happen to Biff.
He will become a productive citizen in the real world.

What will probably happen to Happy?
He will become more and more like Willy

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