Death of a Salesman Act 1

Why is Linda surprised to see Willy?
Linda is Surprised to see Willy because he is supposed to be at work and not home so early.

Why does Willy say he has returned home?
He zones out while driving

What seems to be the cause of Willy’s argument with his son, Biff?
The argument was about how Biff doesn’t make any money or take responsibility for his life.

What seems to bother Willy?
His family being lazy, his wife not getting things he likes.

What does Happy tell Biff about Willy’s recent behavior?
Willy has been talking to himself.

What does Biff say about his life? What seems to be the source of his problems?
At first he wasn’t happy he was bored with his life. He’s trying to build himself up to be something better, but its not working out. He’s worked many different jobs, but they always turn out the same. He doesn’t feel he is making advancements or building a future, just giving his life away. The source of his problem is he is not really moving ahead no matter where he works, he has no direction.

What are Happy’s main issues that he has with his life?
Happy is waiting for his boss to die so he can take the job. He knows his boss wouldn’t enjoy himself and he won’t do the same. He feels he is working around fake people. He is more knowledgeable than his boss, but not respected. Wants to have a solid girlfriend. He’s making girls cheat on their fiancés.

When Biff and Happy are talking who is Willy talking to?
Willy is talking to himself.

What does Happy want Biff to do with his life? What does Biff want from Happy?
Happy encourages his brother to not be lazy. Biff wants Happy to join him and work out west on the ranch.

How would you describe Willy’s relationship with his sons in his flashback?
Everything is happy go lucky. Nothing seems to be going wrong. All is right with the world nothing has changed yet.

How does Biff get the for ball he’s playing with? How does Willy feel about it?
Biff stole the football he is playing with. Willy wants Biff to return the ball.

In what way does Willy’s conversation with Linda change the mood?
When the topic of money comes up everything changes.

Who is this “woman” that mysteriously appears? Or who could she be?
The woman is the woman Willy had an affair with.

What gift does Willy give her?
Willy gives her a pair of stockings.

What does Willy’s nephew, Bernard tell Willy and Linda about Biff? How does Willy react?
Bernard tells Willy and Linda that Biff is not doing very well in school and that he might not graduate. Willy doesn’t seem to care very much.

Willy’s brother-in-law Charley arrives. What is his relationship with Willy like, based on their interactions?
Willy is jealous of Charley.

Who is Ben? What does Willy think about him?
Ben is Willy’s older brother, who is much more wealthy then Willy.

How does Ben make his fortune?
He sells things.

What do you make of Ben’s last words? What do you thing Willy sees in these words?
Ben is sort of bragging to Willy. He can make a life for himself with the little he has, while Willy is having a hard time take care of his own family.

Why is Linda upset with Biff?
Not writing to his parents while away.

What are some of the reasons why Biff has lost respect or his father?
Willy doesn’t know Biff very well at all.

How does Linda feel about her sons?
She is saying that they don’t appreciate her.

What does Linda reveal about Willy’s situation and behavior?
Willy has been trying to kill himself.

What does Biff decide to do?
Biff wants to get involved.

How does Willy treat Linda during their conversation with Biff and Happy?
Willy treats Linda well.

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