CWV Topic 5 Study Guide

Change of mind which results in a change of action

John 13:35
Passage that says love is the distinguishing mark of Jesus’ disciples

Romans 3
Passages that says that salvation is received from God as a gift because all humanity is separated from Him by sin
Describes God as both just and the Justifier of those who believe in Jesus

Hebrews 9
Passage that teaches that Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice for sins once and for all
Talks about Jesus’ first and second coming

John 20:24-29
Passage that describes how one of Jesus’ disciples who at first struggled to believe the news of Jesus’ resurrection later came to believe in Christ’s resurrection

Matthew 5:44
Passage that teaches how Jesus calls His followers to love even their enemies

Matthew 18:21-35
Passage that talks about the cost of forgiveness

God rescued his people from Hell through Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice

Accepting the gift of salvation by repenting of your sins and declaring Christ as your savior

The Holy Spirit comes into your life when you accept Christ as your savior

Isaiah 53
Passage that describes Jesus as being “pierced” for sin in His suffering

The name of the disciple who struggled to believe in Jesus’ resurrection

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