CWV Quiz 5

Summarize Romans 3:20-26.
A. No one is justified before God through the works of the Law or through obeying God’s commands.
B. There is a way to righteousness before God; it is through faith in Jesus who fulfilled God’s Law or commands on humanity’s behalf.
C. The way of salvation is the same for every person, both Jews and Gentiles alike.
D. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, God is both just and the Justifier of those who trust in Jesus.

Summarize Matthew 5:44.
Love your enemies, and pray for the persecutors

How does the textbook interpret Matthew 18:21-35 and the Christian’s ability to forgive others?
There is a strong claim that those who do not forgive will not be forgiven; however, in this parable, Jesus illustrated the cost of forgiveness in the context of being released from financial debt. In the case of this parable, it literally cost the person offering forgiveness monetarily. It costs something because one has to commit to the notion that a person who is dragging him or her down, as it were, is more important than any kind of self-preservation.

Describe the Christian view of salvation and how it differs from the views of other religions.
The Christian view of salvation focuses on the idea that we must have faith in order to truly be saved, we cannot attain salvation through our good works as they will never truly be enough to get us to heaven. This view differs greatly from the views of other religions in that almost all other religions say that good works are required for salvation in some way, they do not believe that faith is good enough for one to be saved.

What three words beginning with “R” used in the lesson and lecture summarize the gospel message?

Briefly summarize Isaiah 53:4-6.
A. Jesus came to Earth as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. It should have been us, humanity who died this death, but that wasn’t the plan. We could not do this on our own, we had to have perfect, innocent blood shed, and this is only possible through the perfect sinless blood of Christ.
B. Jesus bore our sin and suffering
C. Humanity largely rejected Christ during his first coming
D. Jesus’ sufferings bring salvation to those who trust in him

What is the mark of a Christian according to Jesus in John 13:35?

Hebrews 9:26
Christ only needed to die once for our sins, he did not need to die repeatedly like in the old testament, his sacrifice was once and for all

Hebrews 9:27
Man will die once and they will be judged

Hebrews 9:28
Those who trust in Christ as the sacrifice for their sin are saved and free from judgment

Summarize John 20:24-29. What is the significance of this passage for Christians today?
A. Thomas said he wouldn’t believe Jesus was alive until he saw for himself. Jesus then appeared to the disciples while Thomas was present, causing him to declare that he believed.
B. This passage is significant for Christians today because it shows us that we should not have to have proof right in front of our faces for us to believe. We should have faith, and that should be enough.

Basic meaning of the word Gospel
Good news

Which word describes a change of mind which results in a change of action?

Which reference says love is the distinguishing mark of Jesus’ disciples?
John 13:35

Which reference says salvation is received from God as a gift because all humanity is separated from Him by sin
Romans 3:20-26

Which reference teaches that Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice once and for all
Hebrews 9:24-25

Which reference describes how one of Jesus’ disciples who once struggled to believe that new of the resurrection later came to believe in it
John 20: 24-29

Which reference teaches how Jesus calls his followers to love even their enemies
Matthew 5:44

According to the textbook, what kind of language did Jesus use when he taught about forgiveness

According to the lecture, which word wasn’t used to describe the essence of the Gospel

What was the name of the disciple who struggled to believe in the resurrection

T/F: Hebrews 9:24-28 refers to Jesus’ first and second coming

T/F: Romans 3:20-26 describes God as the just and the justifier of those who believe in Jesus

Which reference describes Jesus as being pierced for our sins
Isaiah 53: 4-6

T/F: Romans 3:20-26, only those who are extremely religious and who live their lives very carefully can get to heaven

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