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Comparing Vampires and Werewolves Star Koning Com/170 January 12th, 2012 Karen DeVries Comparing Vampires and Werewolves Vampires and werewolves are ravenous demons that haunt our dreams, and dwell in the dark murky shadows of the night. They like to creep around in the dark, and will attack when least expected. These creatures of the night can live within the human population. They could be your neighbor, your local bank teller, your pastor, your local store clerk, or even your best friend, and in most cases they are never even noticed. That is until one is breathing down the neck of an unsuspecting victim.

Vampires are not born, they are human first. They have to be bitten by a vampire who drains their blood, and then they must feed on the blood of a vampire. They then must go through the transition of changing from human to night-creature, and will be in pain for a few days until they become a full blooded vampire. (http://wiki. answers. com/Q/How_are_vampires_born). A werewolf on the other hand, must be bitten or scratched by another werewolf. It has also been said that werewolves have been known to interbreed with humans and wolves to increase their population.

When a werewolf child is born, it is born into the same form as its mother. If the mother is human at the time of the birth, the child will also be born in a human form. If the mother is a werewolf at the time of the birth, the child will be born in a wolf form. (www. weavercraft. org/…/werewolves. html). The classic vampires are much different from the modern vampires of today. The classic vampire would rise from his coffin and stalk the night, looking for human blood. The vampires need for blood was undeniable and constant.

They were known as horrible and vicious killers, and scared away by the smell of garlic. The only way they could be destroyed was by sunlight, decapitation, religious icons, or a wooden stake through the heart. Their only use for humans was as food . On the other hand, the modern vampires have evolved, they like to dress in the newest fashions, and have an extreme sexual presence about them. Humans are drawn to them because of these features. Some vampires are tortured by the curse of being a vampire, and have managed to retain their souls.

These vampires no longer burn in the sunlight, no longer fear religious icons, and do not like garlic only because of how bad it smells. What it comes down to, is that vampires are less scary and much more desirable now, then what they use to be. The classic werewolf would only come out during a full moon, and would attack and kill anything that moved. They were also tortured by the fact that they were a wolf and had no control over their actions after the change. By day, werewolves were human, and were forced to live around other people.

This was the reason for human attacks. Werewolves could only be killed by a silver bullet to their heart. (Dale Smith, January 25, 2009. Retrieved from www. helium. com/…/1312296-comparing-…) The modern werewolf has come to terms with being a werewolf. They have learned how to keep themselves away from humans during their transition and a full moon. They have been known to chain themselves up with silver chains, and lock themselves up in a cell. Some of them will even take wolf’s bane, which is a plant or herb that stuns the werewolf and makes them weak.

Some werewolves are less affected by the full moon, and can change themselves anytime they want. (L. J. Smith, the CW television series, The Vampire Diaries, 2011) Another important difference between these two creatures of the night is their food source. A vampire’s food source is blood. They are also able to eat human food as long as they have enough blood in their system to keep it running. If they are not careful, they can become gravely ill, and their body will go into a phase called hibernation.

How odd that the blood that ran through their own veins, is now their main source of nutrition. The human blood that they feed on helps the undead corpses from drying up, and becoming weak. This is a routine that they have to repeat often to help replenish their body. (L. J. Smith, the CW television series, The Vampire Diaries, 2010). In the case of werewolves, the source indicates that when they are in human form, they eat human food. When they are in werewolf form, they are consumed with an uncontrollable desire for human flesh. (http://wiki. answers. om/Q/What_do_werewolves_eat, 2012) It is said that the werewolf does not enjoy the curse that they must live with. It is an unpleasant feeling to have no choice in changing into a werewolf during a full moon, to wake up with the taste of blood in your mouth, and not remember what was done, or what locations were traveled during the night. (L. J. Smith, television series, The Vampire Diaries, 2010) Another difference between these two would have to be their strengths. Vampires are known to have brute strength, and are a formidable opponent to any other being.

They are strong willed, and are imbued by powers of seduction. With their supernatural power they are able to persuade the week human mind into being controlled prey. They have such superhuman strength that they are unmatched by anything else. Vampires are immortal and do not age, and also have the ability to heal rapidly. They have senses that are beyond human range. Their sight is enhanced, can run like the speed of light, and have the ability to jump unexpectedly high heights. Their emotions are more intense, and they can hear better, than any human ever imagined.

This would make it extremely difficult to track a vampire. With their strength and senses they are much better hunters than we will ever be. (L. J. Smith, the television series, The Vampire Diaries 2010). Some surprising characteristics of werewolves include their body tempatures which are much higher than that of humans, leaving them much less prone to diseases. They like vampires, also have the ability to heal at a quick rate. They have enhanced senses, and their hearing is superior to that of the vampires. On the other hand their sense of smell is inferior to that of the vampire.

The most dangerous aspect of werewolves is that they are unstoppable. When a werewolves transitions from human state, they not only gain supernatural strength, but their body mass expands in size. Their supernatural strength and natural weapons, such as their teeth and claws, make them dangerous creatures. (http://moonlightmassacre. wikidot. com/werewolves, December 20, 2009). Finally killing these creatures is no easy task. Killing vampires requires an element of surprise and creative thinking. Decapitation, a wooden stake through the heart, or direct sunlight can kill them.

Vampires may also be destroyed by stepping onto holy ground, a blessed cemetery, or churchyard. (Smith, D January 25, 2009 retrieved from www. helium. com/…/1312290-comparing-… ) Similar to that of a vampire, killing werewolves is also not be an easy task. A silver bullet is required, but a silver bullet alone will not do the job. Werewolves are only allergic to silver, and it may slow them down, but a blessed bullet will kill them. It is also said that they can be killed by beheading, if one dares to get close enough to try. (Trulove-Reyes, C January 12, 2010 retrieved from www. elium/…/1367490-werewolves-a-…) So, is it true that our world is dominated by such creatures that dwell in the dark murky shadows of the night, and are forced to roam the earth forever? Or are they just the ravenous demons that live in our dreams? Next time you are out for a midnight stroll; make sure that you watch your back, because you never know if they will attack. Reference page Peaches, S. , Georgia (January 26, 2009) Smith, Dale (January 25, 2009) Trulove-Reyes, Chrystina (March 07, 2009) www. answers. com>…>vampires www. answers. com>…>werewolves

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