Comparing and Contrasting Mitosis and Meiosis

mitosisno pairing of homologous chromosomes occurs
meiosistwo cell divisions
meiosisfour daughter cells produced

mitosisassociated with growth and asexual reproduction
meiosisassociated with sexual reproduction
mitosisone cell division
mitosistwo daughter cells produced
mitosis and meiosisinvolves the duplication of chromosomes
mitosischromosome number is maintained
meiosischromosome number is halved
meiosiscrossing over between homologous chromosomes may occur
mitosisdaughter cells are identical to the parent cell
meiosisdaughter cells are not identical to the parent cell
meiosisproduces gametes
mitosisproduces body cells
mitosisdiploid cells are produced
meiosishaploid cells are produced
meiosis23 chromosomes in each daughter cell
mitosis46 chromosomes in each daughter cell
mitosis and meiosis46 chromosomes in interphase, and 92 chromosomes in prophase immediately following interphase
meiosistetrads are formed
meiosiscrossing over occurs
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