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The stage at which inventors try to determine a marketable use for a device is known as the _____ stage.
Entrepreneurial stage.

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What were the first mass-marketed products in history?

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The term _____ refers to the phase in a medium’s evolution in which older media are reconfigured in various forms on newer media.
Media Convergence

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What is one reason for viewing culture as a map rather than as a hierarchy?
A map better represents the fact that forms of culture exhibit multiple tendencies.
Which was NOT a contribution of the telegraph?
It was the first mass media form.

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Our varied media institutions and outlets are basically in the _____, or storytelling, business.

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An example of the \”interpretation\” step in the critical process is _____.
Identifying the meaning of patterns found when studying a media message.

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What was necessary for books to become a mass-marketed product?
1. The difficulty for a single business or political leader to control printing technology.

2. Rapid duplication

3. machines replacing hand copying

4. a more affordable product

Which of the following is the correct order of the standard stages of media innovations?
emergence, entrepreneurial, mass medium, convergence
How did the telegraph contribute to the development of mass communication?
It separated communication and transportation.
The idea that popular culture makes audiences lose their ability to appreciate \”finer\” fare is known as the _____ theory
Big Mac
The second stage in the critical process is ____.
What is the goal of the cross-platform model?
to better manage resources and maximize profits
What is an example of a cultural change resulting from media convergence?
We now consume media content at our own convenience.

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order of the linear model of mass communication
sender, message, mass media channel, receiver
How audiences understand and decode media depends on their _____.
1. educational level

2. gender

3. race

4. occupation

How is a judgment reached as part of the critical process different from a \”simple\” opinion?
A critical process judgment is supported by careful observation and investigation that helps to remove or minimize the influence of social or cultural biases and prejudices.
The popular narratives of our culture are ___.
Complex and varied.
Most research on mass communication has found that _____.
the media are rarely the direct cause of our social problems
Which one of the following best describes the second step of the critical process?
Look for patterns or themes in your particular media research.
Which media platform accounts for the largest overall daily consumption?
in the linear model, is the process by which citizens and consumers return messages to senders or gatekeepers through letters to the editor, phone calls, e-mail, Web postings, or talk shows.
Which of the following is the BEST media culture example of the American ideal of rugged individualism?
→ The American ideal of rugged individualism depicts heroic characters overcoming villains or corruption through a tradition of detective stories and includes the television show NCIS.
Which of the following is an example of the mass medium stage of media innovation?
Commercial entrepreneurs pioneer radio broadcasting and figure out how to reach millions of people using this medium.
→ In the mass medium stage, businesses figure out how to market a new device or medium as a consumer product. In this example, businesses determine how to use radio—developed by the military—for consumers.
→ Populist politicians often tell stories and run ads that criticize big corporations and political favoritism in order to appeal to ordinary people.
Lawrence is a news junkie who reads the New York Times online and also checks for news on CNN, Mashable, and Twitter. This is an example of
→ This is an example of the blended and merging cultural phenomena in which culture is viewed more inclusively. Lawrence uses both mainstream and popular sources to obtain news.
total daily digital media consumption accounts for what percentage of overall daily media consumption?
→ Total daily digital media consumption, including digital-mobile, digital-online, and other digital, accounts for 44.4 percent of all daily media consumption.
You are engaging in the critical process and are beginning the interpretation step. Which of the following should you do?
Ask what your research means.
→ Asking and answering \”What does that mean?\” and \”So what?\” questions about your findings are part of the interpretation step of the critical process.
Which of the following statements BEST expresses the skyscraper model?
Coldplay are low-culture musicians.
→ In this example, rock musicians Coldplay are considered low-culture musicians, which represents the skyscraper model.
During the Civil War, many people relied on the daily newspaper, such as the New York Herald, for news and information on the war. This is an example of which of the telegraph’s four key contributions to communication?
Transformation of information into a commodity
→ By the Civil War, news was a valuable product, and people relied on the daily newspaper, which they could purchase, for information.
The ________ method is the dialogue style of communication and inquiry used in college classrooms and university law schools.
→ The Socratic method is named for Socrates, who made his arguments through public conversations and debates.
NASA used early personal computers to calculate the Apollo 11 moon landing. This is an example of which stage of media innovation?
→ The second stage of innovation is the entrepreneurial stage, in which inventors and investors determine a practical and marketable use for a new device. In this example, NASA finds a use for the relatively new personal computer.
how does total daily digital media consumption compare to total daily nondigital media consumption?
Nondigital media consumption accounts for a greater percentage of daily media consumption.
Which of the following is a TRUE statement about culture?
Culture is always changing.
→ We can study discrete cultural products, such as novels or songs from various historical periods, but culture itself is always changing.
The Internet has largely eliminated the ________ role.
→ The borderless, decentralized, and democratic nature of the Internet means that anyone can become a sender of media messages and there is often no gatekeeper.
Rahjid enjoys playing an online multiplayer game while listening to music and texting a friend, all on his tablet. This is an example of
media multitasking.
→ Media multitasking has led to growing media consumption, particularly for younger people.
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