CLHS World History Unit 7 Test Review

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Louis XIV
Called himself the Sun King, said \”I am the state,\” lived in the Palace at Versailles
Evangelista Torricelli
Invented the barometer
Ruled Russia during the age of absolute monarchs
Protestant Christians who left France during the reign of Louis XIV, causing France’s economy to crumble
Laissez-faire capitalism
Economic system with minimal government involvement
Ferdinand II
First Habsburg to rule Austria
Rousseau, Montesquieu, and Locke’s ideal form of government
Democratic republic
Ruled Prussia during the age of absolute monarchs
Montesquieu’s influence on American government
System of checks and balances
Locke’s view of the role of government
Protect the natural right of citizens
Divine right
Theory that monarchs are appointed to rule by God
Social contract
An agreement in which people give power to the government in return for protection
Voltaire’s influence on American govenrment
Freedom of speech
Newton, Galileo, and Kepler
Scientist associated with the Scientific Revolution
Name for Philip II’s rule of Spain
Golden Age of Spain
Economic policy of increasing wealth through trade, often through taking raw resources from a colony back to the mother country and then selling the finished product back to the colony
Heliocentric theory
The sun is the center of the solar system; Copernicus is credited with creating this theory
Joseph Priestley
Separated pure gas from air
Peter the I (or Peter the Great)
Tsar who built the city of St. Petersburg and made it the capital of Russia
Thomas Hobbes
Enlightenment thinker who supported absolute monarchies
Frederick the Great
Prussian leader who led the country to European dominance
Ruled France during the age of absolute monarchs
Zacharias Janssen
Invented the first microscope
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote the Declaration of Independence; later became President of the United States
Commonly held Enlightenment beliefs
Slavery should be abolished, natural rights should be protected, governments should be freely elected by the citizens, and everyone should have freedom of speech
Gabriel Fahrenheit
Invented the first thermometer
Ruled Spain during the age of absolute monarchs
Russian title for their king
Checks and balances
System which attempts to prevent corruption by ensuring that one section of the government does not gain too much power
Similarity between Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment
Both emphasized the importance of human reason and rationalization

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