CIT 312 CH 1

The ability to snap a page to the left or right side of the screen so a second page can share the screen is a function of what feature?
side by side apps
What term describes one or more characters following the last period in a filename, such as .exe, .txt, or .avi?
file extension
Which Windows utility program lists errors and issues that need attention?
action center
In Windows 7, a collection of folders can be organized into conveniently accessed shortcuts known by what term?
A hard drive can only have one single root directory.
What command can be used to launch the System Information window?
What is the name of the interface that uses graphics as compared to a command-driven interface?
graphic user
What part of the path to a file indicates how the file is organized or formatted?
file extension
What type of network does not have centralized control, such as one in a small office or home office?
The power saving state that saves all work to the hard drive and powers down the system is known by what term?
The Windows 8 interface is known as the Aero interface.
In Windows, there are two types of user accounts: an administrator account and a standard account.
What dialog box in Windows appears each time a user attempts to perform an action that can be done only with administrative privileges?
user account control
Apps that offer continuous real-time updates on the Windows 8 modern interface are referred to by what term?
live tiles
What software in Windows 8 serves as built-in antivirus software?
windows defender
What is the name for the 3D user interface provided by Windows 7 and Vista?
What is another name for the notification area in Windows?
system tray
What is the maximum amount of memory supported by a 32-bit Windows operating system?
4 GB
The Windows desktop is itself a folder.
What GUI element is usually on the right side of the taskbar and displays open services?
system tray
What is another name for several small utility programs that are found in the Control Panel?
A service is a program that runs in the foreground and is visible on the taskbar.
What type of software is used to control a computer?
operating system
Under the Control Panel, what console contains Print Management, Computer Management, and Event Viewer?
administrative tools
What part of the Windows display shows information about open programs and provides quick access to others?
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