CIST2413-MS Server Infrastructure Final Study Guide

Which role is used when performing unattended installations of Windows Server 2012 R2 and other operating systems on remote computers using network-based boot and installation media?
Windows Deployment Services
An install image contains the operating system that WDS will install on the client computer. Which file from the Windows Server 2012 R2 installation DVD is used to install the operating system?
Which type of file is a text file containing responses to all of the prompts that appear on the WDS client computer during the installation process?
answer file
Which file system must a WDS server have in order to store image files?
Which of the following networks represents the multicast network space, as defined in a default classful network? to
Which drive type must a WDS server have in order to store image files? (Choose all that apply.)
When creating a multicast scope in Windows Server 2012 R2, what is the default lease time set to?
30 days
Which of the following are requirements for WDS to run in stand-alone mode? (Choose all that apply.)
b. An active DHCP server
c. An active DNS server
d. NTFS file system partition
In WDS Properties, which tab is accessed in order to enable unattended installation of the WDS clients?
When using WDS, that does auto-cast mean?
When a client requests an image, a client can receive data from another multicast deployment and then go back and receive the beginning bytes.
Which method is recommended to copy images between WDS servers at different sites?
You should use DFS namespace.
Which of the following is the Windows Server 2012 R2 edition that is available through the Microsoft volume-licensing program and from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), but is not available at retail?
Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundation
Before you perform any upgrade procedure, you should perform which of the following steps?
You should back up the entire system.
The difference between in-place upgrade and a migration is ________.
A migration utilizes a new installation of Windows while a migration updates the OS files.
4. Which of the following statements best describes Windows Server Migration Tools?
Windows Server Migration Tools are PowerShell cmdlets and help files that enable administrators migrate certain roles between servers.
Which of the following tasks should be performed prior to upgrading to Windows Server 2012 R2? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Check disk space.
b. Check application compatibility.
Which of the following is the underlying network protocol used by iSCSI storage network?
Which of the following methods can be used to restrict which servers can connect to an iSCSI target? (Choose all that apply.)
a. IQN
b. DNS name
c. MAC address
d. IP address
Which role can be installed in Windows Server 2012 R2 to provide iSCSI storage to other clients?
iSCSI Target Server role
Which Windows versions support querying of the iSCSI Initiator computer for the iSCSI Initiator ID? (Choose all that apply.)
c. Windows Server 2012 R2
e. Windows Server 2012
Which of the following terms best describes the high-availability technology that enables multiple TCP/IP connections from the initiator to the target for the same iSCSI session?
Multiple Connection Session
Which database engine is used for the DHCP database in Windows Server 2012 R2?
Which of the following terms best describes the configurable objects in DHCP that contain the range of IP addresses that can be allocated to clients?
DHCP scopes
By default, after how much time has elapsed in an active DHCP lease will a Windows client computer attempt to renew the lease?
50 percent of the lease time
Which of the following is the first and most important step in installing and deploying DNS in your network?
Planning the infrastructure and service requirements
What is the major reason supporting the use of a forwarder?
To improve the efficiency of name resolution for your computers
Which kind of DNS record should be created when you have a server named, want to use it as your web server, and have requests point to
A CNAME record
Before creating PTR records, which of the following DNS objects must be created?
Reverse lookup zones
Which of the following statements best describes Time to Live (TTL) in DNS parlance?
Time to Live (TTL) is the length of time a record remains in DNS cache.
In Window Server 2012 R2 IPAM, which of the following are the highest-level entities within the IP address space?
IP address blocks
Which of the followings statements regarding requirements for an IPAM server is false?
An IPAM server can be a domain controller.
Which of the following statements regarding the server requirements for an IPAM server is false?
The server must be running Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2012 R2.
How do you configure multiple IPAM servers to communicate with each other?
You can’t configure multiple IPAM servers to communicate with each other.
On Windows Server 2012, which of the following database types can be used with Windows IPAM?
Windows Internal Database
Which network is considered to be the most protected network?
internal network
Into which network should your public web servers be placed?
To protect an enterprise network, you should install _________ that examine incoming and outgoing traffic.
Which of the following will you not find on the DMZ?
SQL servers
Which VPN tunneling protocol uses IPSec with 3DES for data confidentiality?
Which of the following is the collection of documents used to organize and define complex projects?
Microsoft Operations Framework
Before designing your forests and domains, you must collect information for the following except the ___________?
version of Microsoft Office
Which of the following is not a business requirement that you should consider when designing an Active Directory infrastructure?
International treaties
Which of the following is shared within a forest? (Choose all that apply.)
a. global catalog
b. trust relationships
Which policy affects all users in the domain, including domain controllers?
Default Domain Policy
In which order are Group Policy objects (GPOs) processed?
Local Group Policy, Site, Domain, OU
What is the first step in the GPO processing order?
The computer establishes a secure link to the domain controller.
Which of the following terms best describes how Group Policy Objects flow from a higher level to a lower level in Active Directory?
If a site, domain, or OU has multiple GPOs, how are the Group Policy Objects processed?
by precedence
Which two filters can be used to control who or what receives a GPO? (Choose all that apply.)
b. A security group filter
d. A WMI filter

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