CIS 100 Final Exam Practice Qs

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Big DataA term used to refer to data sets that are too large to process through traditional means
Data DictionaryProvides a detailed description of each field and table in a database
Relational DatabaseOne of the most commonly used by companies to store information
FileWithin the context of a database, this refers ti a collection of related records
Data WarehouseDatabase that is characterized by data organized into multiple tables that are related by common fields
GIGOInaccurate input entered into a database resulting in incorrect output
CSVA common type of flat file database format that stores records as a line of text separated by commas
QBEQuery Wizards and ______ automate the process of writing SQL commands in a relational databse
ERDDiagramming technique that is commonly used to illustrate relationships between tables
SchemaGraphical representation of the structure of a database
MiningThe process of extracting information from a data warehouse or data mart
IntegrityOverall quality and accuracy of the data
RecordIn the context of a database, which of the following refers to a collection of related fields that describe some object or activity?
FieldA primary key is a _____ within a database table that uniquely identifies each record
Database Management System (DBMS)A program that lets computer users create and access a collection of organized data
Database AdministratorA skilled and trained computer professional who directs all activities related to an organization’s database

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