Christopher Columbus Debate

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“Rethinking Columbus Day” opinion (1)
Author thinks Columbus villain

“Rethinking Columbus Day” motives
Columbus greedy, wanted riches to bring back to Spain

“Rethinking Columbus Day” evidence (1)
Columbus letter to Spain about making people in new land slaves and converting to Christianity

“Rethinking Columbus Day” evidence (2)
Spanish priest Bartolomeu de Las Casas accompanied Columbus says people in new land who didn’t deliver enough gold got hands cut off, people ran away were hunted by dogs

“Rethinking Columbus Day” Columbus effect
Columbus destroyed a culture

“Rethinking Columbus Day” opinion (2)
Author says should not celebrate Columbus because not good American

“Rethinking Columbus Day” opinion (3)
Author thinks Columbus should not be honored on holiday

“In Defense of Columbus” opinion (1)
Author thinks Columbus hero

“In Defense of Columbus” Columbus event
Christopher Columbus arrival in America in 1492

“In Defense of Columbus” counterargument (1)
Author says not right to say Columbus wrong with slavery and disease because common in time

“In Defense of Columbus” evidence
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners and heroes

“In Defense of Columbus” counterargument (2)
Not a lot known about germs, so author says not blame Columbus for smallpox in America

“In Defense of Columbus” Columbus qualities (1)
Columbus determination, perseverance despite poverty, mockery make hero

“In Defense of Columbus” Columbus qualities (2)
Not perfect hero but brave for sailing and exploring

“In Defense of Columbus” judging
Should judge Columbus by standards of his time

“In Defense of Columbus” hero
No perfect heroes

“In Defense of Columbus” opinion (2)
Author thinks Columbus should be honored on holiday

Columbus in history textbooks
1794, 1830, 1880, 1995

1794 textbook excerpt Columbus agreement
Columbus said to men that obey three days and if not find land, go back to Spain

1794 textbook excerpt discovery
Found land (small island), name San Salvador

1794 textbook excerpt first action
Interviewed natives

1794 textbook excerpt native actions
Natives worshipped Spaniards, made easy to control

1794 textbook excerpt opinion
Describes Columbus and natives good together

1830 textbook excerpt first actions
Columbus took possession of land for Spain, kissed ground

1830 textbook excerpt entrance
Grand entrance, royal, drawn sword

1830 textbook excerpt native emotions (1)
Natives surprised as watched

1830 textbook excerpt Spaniard emotion
Spaniards surprised at how different nature and people are

1830 textbook excerpt native emotions (2)
Natives shy first, got trinkets

1830 textbook excerpt opinion
Columbus good, natives amazed

1880 textbook excerpt first actions
Columbus kisses ground, dramatic and grateful

1880 textbook excerpt claiming land
Draws sword and claims land royally

1880 textbook excerpt land name
Names island San Salvador

1880 textbook excerpt Columbus status and position
All name Columbus admiral and viceroy

1880 textbook excerpt crew opinion
Crew thought destruction, now fortune

1880 textbook excerpt crew actions
Some embraced, others kissed hands

1880 textbook excerpt opinion
Columbus leader and made history

1995 textbook excerpt memories
Columbus remembered as great explorer who discovered America

1995 textbook excerpt honor
Deserves honor somewhat because Europeans didn’t know about Americas until Columbus

1995 textbook excerpt different explorers
Others discovered America before Columbus

1995 textbook excerpt Columbus effect
Brave journey got Europe, Africa, Americas in contact first time ever

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