Chinese Cinderella Study Guide

force (something unwanted) to be accepted or put in place

light or heat as emitted or reflected by something

mild dislike or adversion

having an intense feeling longing for something

a structure dividing space into two parts, especially a light interior wall

an abrupt uncontrolled movement especially an unsteady tilt or roll

a feeling or discontent or resentful longing aroused by someone qualities or luck

the occurence and development of events by change in a happy or beneficial way

deny the truth of ( a statement especially by asserting the opposite

to cover something entirely

Big Sister
Treats Adeline poorly throughout the story. She is mean to Adeline and bullies her. She and Niang are close (she sucks up to Niang to get her affection). She blamed Aunt Baba for lying about the jade pendent at her wedding.

Third Brother
Treats Adeline okay. Sometimes when he is around the other siblings he acts different towards her. He and Adeline become closer than they were before.

Treats her horribly. She slaps Adeline, and abuses her. She treats her differently from the other siblings; she also is nicer to her own kids than her step kids. Also she treats Adeline like she doesn’t exist.

Fourth Brother
The meanest one out of all the siblings. He decides to put urine in Adeline’s orange juice, when she won a prize.

He treats Adeline like she doesn’t. At times when Adeline does good things he is very proud of her. At the end of the story, when she wins the playwriting contest he lets her go to England.

Grandfather YeYe
He is the grandfather. Adeline is kind of close to her. He is like another father to her, like one she never had. He treats her as if she was his own.

Aunt Baba
She takes care of Adeline, and is nice to her all the time. At the end of the story she gets separated from Adeline, because father thinks that she is a bad influence.

Wu Chun-mei
Adeline’s school friend. She helps Adeline win the class president election. When the typhoon came, her father insisted that they give her a ride home. She invites Adeline to her birthday party.

Victor is really nice to Adeline. He treats her as if he was her brother. He is very nice to his sister Claudine, and Adeline isn’t used to that. He treats her better than her own siblings. He stays at home with Adeline when the rest of the family went to the beach.

Aunt Reine
Niang’s sister that treats Adeline very well. She shared a room with her on the boat. She rescues her from the communists.

The family dog that bites Adeline. And he also attacked PLT.

The duck that the Hong’s gave her. PLT stands for “Precious Little Treasure”. PLT ends up dying.

Grandmother Nai Nai
She has bound feet. She treated Adeline nicely. She dies and her funeral was at the Buddhist temple.

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