child psych ch. 1

social class
Socioeconomic status refers to an individual’s

informed consent
In seeking participants for research studies, researchers must explain the purposes and procedures of the study in advance, obtain written permission, and allow participants to stop at any time. This process is known as

Traits, capacities, and limitations that we each receive from our biological parents are said to be a result of

gather data
Once a researcher has developed a hypothesis, his next step in the scientific method is to:

longitudinal research
To study how members of a particular group change or remain the same as they grow older, the best method is:

ecological-systems approach
The view that in the study of human development a person should be considered in all the contexts and interactions that make up life is:

scientific observation
Watching and recording others’ behaviors in a systematic and objective manner is referred to as:

Dora, who is 75 years old, disagrees completely with her teenage granddaughter about the proper role of women. Their arguments are most likely to arise from differences in which context?

report the results
The final step in the scientific method is to:

draw conclusions
Once the researcher has tested his/her hypothesis, the fourth step in the scientific method is to:

A correlation is considered to be negative if one variable increases while the other variable

biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial
For ease of study, human development is often divided into which three domains?

longitudinal research
If a researcher wanted to study the development of handwriting ability in children, she could measure the handwriting of a group of second-graders and continue to take handwriting samples from these same children each year until sixth grade. This is an example of:

Scientific observation
___ permits the study of individuals behaving as they normally do

third variable
What is one of the reasons that correlations do NOT indicate causation?

cross-sectional research
The quickest and least expensive way to study development is with:

change across lifespan
The science of human development may best be described as an attempt to understand how and why people

You and your high school classmates are part of the same:

The study of the mental processes humans use throughout the life span would fall into which developmental domain?

The more Hank eats, the less hungry he feels. The correlation that exists between his food intake and his hunger is:

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