Chemistry unit 3: Temperature-volume relationships in gases (Charles law)

Absolute zero is:
The kowest possible temp. of a gas

According to the Kinetic molecular theory the absolute temperature of a gas is directly related to an average molecular kinetic

Which variable is held constant when testing for the thermal expansion relationship of a gas?

Temperature volume relationship shown in the grass in the lesson represents:
A direct linear function

The dashed segment of the plot it experiment in the grass in the lesson is called an

18°C =
291 K

63°C =
336 K

283°C =
556 K

96 K =

125 K =

The temperature scale that starts with absolutely zero is the
Kelvin scale

Each degree on the Kelvin scale equals

Researchers have now been able to cool substances to absolute zero

The scientific study of the behavior near 0K is called Cryogenics

The freezing temperature of water is zero on both the K and C scales

Which temperature conversion is correct?
C = k- 273

According to Charles law which two variables are directly proportional?
Volume and temperature

The volume of a gas varies directly with the absolute temperature under the conditions of constant pressure

Real gases maybe expected to deviate from Charles law at
High-pressure’s near the liquefication temperature

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