Chemistry Final Cards

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The outside Temperature is 35•C. What is the Temperature in K?
308 K
Determine the density of an object that has a mass of 149.8 g and displaces 12.1 mL of water when placed in a graduated cylinder.
12.4 g/mL
Round off 00507506 to for significant figures.
5.075 X 10^5
The width, length, and height of a large custom made some crate are 1.32 m, 2.50 m, and 0.83 m, respectively. The volume of the box using the correct number of significant figures is _________ m^3
5.621 lb = _____grams. (1 lb = 454 g)
2550 X 10^3
How many cm^3 are contained in 5.83 X 10^6 mm^3?
5.83 x 10^3 cm^3
Which of the following does NOT describe a non-metal?
Nonmetals are generally unreactive
Predict the charge that an ion formed from nitrogen would have.
Calculate the atomic mass of gallium if gallium has 2 naturally occurring isotopes with the following masses and natural abundances:
Ga-69 68.9256 amu 60.11%, Ga-71 70.9247 amu 39.89%
69.72 amu
Which of the following contains the fewest atoms? You shouldn’t need to do a calculation here.
10.0 g Cs
Which of the glowing is equal to exactly Avagadro’s number of atoms?
12.01 grams of Carbon
A covalent bond is best described as
The sharing of electrons between atoms
Give possible molecular formula for the empirical formula of c3h5clO
Give the name for TiCO3. Remember that titanium forms several ions.
Titanium (II) carbonate
Give the name for KMnO4
Potassium permanganate
Write the formula for copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate.
Calculate the molar massif Al(C2H3O2)3.
204.13 g/mol
How many molecules of N2O4 are in 76.3 g N2O4? The molar mass of N2O4 is 92.02 g/mol.
4.99 x 10^23 N2O4 molecules
Calculate the mass percent of Sulfur in Al2(SO4)3
Determine the volume of Hexane that contains 5.33×10^22 molecules of hexane. The density of hexane is 0.6548 g/mL and its molar mass is 86.17 g/mol.
11.6 mL
Determine the molecular formula of a compound that has a molar mass of 92.0 g/mol and an empirical formula of NO2
Write a balanced equation to show the reaction of sulfurous acid with lithium hydroxide to form water and lithium sulfate.
H2SO4(aq) + LiOH(aq)->H2O(l)LiSO4(aq)
Identify the compound with covalent bonds
Which of the following is the correct chemical formula for a molecule of chlorine?
What is the change on the Co ions in Co2O3?
What is the stoichiometric coefficient for oxygen when the following equation is balanced using the lowest, whole-number coefficients?
Identify a hydrocarbon
Balance the following equation
13 (O2) 6 (H2O) 10 (CO2)
Which of the following is NOT a strong electrolyte?
Which of the following is considered a STRONG electrolyte?
Which of the following compounds is insoluble in water?
What precipitate is MOST like to formed from a solution containing Ca2+, Na+, OH-, and CO3^2-
Which of the following pairs of aqueous solutions will form a precipitate when mixed?

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