Chapter 8 Dcom101

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When a disk is formatted, it is impossible to recover the data that was on the disk..
In Windows, you can start the Task Manager by simply right-clicking the taskbar and choosing Start Task Manager.
One critical difference between a client OS and a server OS is the addition of directory services on some server OSs.
Virtualization is designed for testing and development purposes only.
Windows Server 2008 R2 can be installed only on a 64-bit system.
Which part of the OS provides users and applications with an interface to manipulate files?
What are the chunks called into which the available storage space on a disk drive is broken?
Older OSs first used what type of multitasking, which allowed a process to monopolize the CPU’s time until the process had completed its own task?
time slicing
What method does the CPU use to divide its computing cycles between more than one process?
system monitor
In Windows, you use Task Manager to view the processes running on your computer. What do you use to view the running processes on some Linux systems?
What is the native file-sharing protocol in Linux?
Which common e-mail protocol allows the user to access messages, yet still have them stored on the server?
protocol analysis
Which of the following is not a function typically provided by the centralized management of a server-based network?
What is the process called that grants or denies a user’s access to network resources?
What directory service protocol used in Linux systems is also supported by Windows?
cloud-based storage
What storage solution involves a third-party company that provides off-site hosting of data?
What is a partial copy of a VM that is used to restore it to a previous state?
VMware Workstation
Which of the following virtualization products provides hosted virtualization?
You are testing out a new DHCP server and want to make sure that it does not interfere with your current network. What option would you use to configure your network adapter using VMware workstation?
Datacenter Edition
Which edition of Windows Server 2008 includes support for up to 64 processors and provides unlimited virtual instances?

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