chapter 7 marketing

marketing research
process of defining a marketing problem and opportunity, systematically collecting and analyzing information, and recommending actions
five step marketing research approach
provides a systematic checklist for making both business and personal decisions
step 1
marketing research
is the process of defining a marketing problem and opportunity, systematically collecting and analyzing information, and recommending actions.
When following the five-step marketing research approach, developing the research plan is the __________ step.
In marketing research, the research objectives are the __________ goals of the decision maker.
specific and measurable
measures of success are
the criteria or standards used in evaluating proposed solutions to a problem
In a marketing decision, __________ are likely to be restrictions on the time and money available to solve the problem
Determining how to collect data, including selecting the appropriate methods, is done during which stage of the research process?
the research plan
Two special methods vital to marketing researchers are __________ and __________.
sampling; statistical inference
When a marketing researcher uses a collection of reports, customer letters, financial statements, and surveys from different departments within her firm, she is using
internal secondary data
Representatives from Kraft spent several months with consumers in their kitchens, attempting to understand what they wanted in ready-to-serve meals prior to the launch of Kraft Deli Creations. The observational approach Kraft used is called __________ research.
In eight small group sessions with customers, 3M heard them complain that standard steel wool pads scratched their expensive cookware. The findings from this research lead to the development of 3M’s internationally successful Scotch-Brite Never Scratch soap pads. The research method 3M used was
focus groups
focus groups
informal sessions in which six to ten past, present, or prospective customers are directed by a discussion leader or moderator to identify what they do and don’t like about a firm’s and its competitors’ offerings, how they use them, and special needs they have that the they don’t currently address.
What type of question is the simplest form of a fixed alternative question that allows only a “yes” or “no” response?
What kind of question is the following? “Place an ‘X’ in the space that describes your feelings about the economy.” .” Excellent __ __ __ __ __ Poor
semantic differential scale
An advantage of using a panel for marketing research is
researchers can take successive measurements of consumers to determine if they change their purchasing behaviors over time.
All of the following
– price.
-distribution outlet.
-free samples.
-unit sales.
product color.are independent variables a market researcher may use in a marketing experiment EXCEPT:
unit sales
the independent variables of interest—sometimes called the marketing drivers—are what?
are often one or more of the marketing mix elements, such as a product’s features, price, or promotion (like advertising messages or coupons). The ideal dependent variable usually is a change in the purchases (incremental unit or dollar sales) of individuals, households, or organizations.
In marketing experiments, the dependent variable is the __________ and the independent variable is the __________.
result of an action; cause of an action
If a marketing manager queries a marketing information system to determine what the influence of a change in the price of a new product is on sales, she is using __________.
sensitivity analysis
A forecast that involves estimating the value to be forecast and making decisions without any intervening steps is referred to as a
direct forecast
Boeing has only a few hundred customers worldwide for its large airplanes, so it can contact these customers and conduct __________, which is an effective method to develop its sales forecasts and production schedules.
a survey of buyers’ intentions
a survey of buyers’ intentions
involves asking prospective customers if they are likely to buy the product during some future time period. For industrial products with few prospective buyers, this can be effective.
Asking the firm’s salespeople to estimate sales during a coming period is referred to as
a salesforce survey forecast
Linear trend extrapolation is a type of trend extrapolation in which the
pattern is always a straight line

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