Chapter 6: Drawing

*Vincent van Gogh’s Carpenter demonstartes
Careful attention to detail

Michelangelo created Study of a Reclining Male Nude
In preparation for a larger work

*A full-sized drawing made as a guide for a work in another medium is a

*In Preacher, Charles White gives the figure a feeling of mass, using the technique of

*All the following are true of pastel EXCEPT:
It differs greatly from chalk

Which artist creates sophisticated drawings on an iPad?
David Hockney

*All of the following are examples of dry media EXCEPT:

*Which of the following media used today is most similar to drawing media used by prehistoric people?

Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis is an example of a
Graphic novel

Projective drawing involves
Creating something that only exists in the artist’s mind.

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