chapter 3 the early history of education in america

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someone who learns a skilled trade by watching and helping an expert
dame schools
schools in the colonies were taught by women in their own homes
flat wooden board with a handle
common schools
give the same education to people of different societies
normal schools
all schools would become similar or normal to eachother
McGuffey’s readers
series of books widely used in schools across the country
Montessori Method
the developed educational program maria montessori
career and technical education
prepared students for the many career opportunities in specific trades and occupations where skilled workers were needed
oregon trail
the only practical route for people to emigrate from independence Missouri to the western united states
industrial revolution
a period of complex economic, technological, and social change in america and world wide
members of a time of business expansion and reform in the united states
disposable income
money to the middle class
government limits

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