Chapter 27

What are cognitive processes?
covert verbalizations and/or imagery that are frequently called believing, thinking, expecting, or percieving
What do the letters ABCT stand?
Association for Advancement of Behavioral Therapy
What are three waves of behavior therapy described by Hayes?
mindfulness, acceptance, and values
What are the two major assumptions of cognitive therapy?
1. Individuals interpret and react to events by forming cognitions – beliefs, expectations, attitudes – on the basis of the perceived significance of those events
2. defective or maladaptive cognitions can cause emotional and behavioral disorders
Cognitive reconstructuring
strategies for recognizing maladaptive thinking and replacing it with adaptive thinking
Three main phases of rational-emotive behavioral therapy? Who developed it?
1. therapist helps the client identify troublesome thoughts that are based on irrational beliefs
2. a very confrontational, argumentative way, the RET therapist vigorously challenges the client’s irrational beliefs that are thought to be the basic for the problematic self-talk
3. the client is taught through modeling and homework assignments to replace the irrational self-statements with statements based on rational beliefs


Why did Ellis change the name of his therapy from RET to REBT?
He added the word behavior because despite being a cognitive therapist, he frequently used behavioral homework assignments
Three major components of Beck’s cognitive therapy
1. clients identify the dysfunctional thoughts and maladaptive assumptions that might be causing debilitating emotions
2. once a thought or dysfunctional assumption has been identified, several methods can be used to counteract it
3. Beck frequently uses additional homework assignments that contain liberal doses of behavior modification procedures to develop various desirable daily activities
What is mindfulness as Buddhists and cbt use the term?
involves nonjudmental awareness, observation, and description of one’s covert or overt behaviors as they occur and in some cases observation of the antecedents and consquences of those behaviors
What is acceptance as cbt use the term?
refraining from judging one’s sensations, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, useful or useless, and so on.
Three phases of ACT

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