Chapter 2: Marketing The Future (pop culture trends in the brics)

contemporary (adj)
contemporary (adj)
modern, fashionable.
(the concert begins in a contemporary theater.)
currently (adv)
at the present time. ( the red dress is currently sold out.)
explosion (n)
a sudden, large increase, a boom.
(in an explosion of terrorism, people broke down and cried)
luxury (n)
ST very nice and expensive that you don’t really need.
(staying in a 5 stars hotel is a luxury for most people.)
marketing (n)
marketing (n)
using advertisements to help a company sell its products.
(many has been studying about marketing.)
motivate (v)
motivate (v)
drive, move, inspire to make SO like to do ST.
(i have to motivate my sis to study hard for her next exam.)
movement (n)
trend, direction, activity, particularly in social change.
(black lives Matter was the most important political movement of the last 2 years.
resources (n)
assets, MONEY, capital, staff.
(rich people have a lot of economic resources, so they can buy iphone, smart tivi, expensive car, etc.
significant (adj)
significant (adj)
notable, remarkable, important.
(we’ve made significant progress today.)
trend (n)
a way of doing ST or a way of thinking that is becoming fashionable. (the hoodies are a fashionable trend, but in summer, I think most people like T-shirts.
vivid (adj)
vivid (adj)
bright, clear, graphic. (I like vivid pink.)

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