Chapter 18 Quiz America a Narrative history Edition Volume 2

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John D Rockefeller
Standard Oil Company of Ohio/ created a monopoly
Andrew Carnegie (Scottish)
Steel Promoter, salesman, hr focused on Bessemers Process cheaper/wrote \”The Gospel Of Wealth 1889/ Funded 1700 public libraries
American Federation of Labor (AFL) 1886
President/Samuel Gompers higher wages, shorter hours, better working conditions/ affiliated with other unions such as United Mine Workers/ International ladies Garment Workers/Amalgamated Clothing Workers/ organizing skilled workers was greatest sucess
Noble order of: Knights of Labor
Uriah S. Stephens/ tailor/1869/creation of bureaus of labor statistics/ mechanics lien laws/ elimination of convict-labor competition, 8 hr day/ use of paper currency/ equal pay for equal work by men and women/ pressured employers
Terence v. Powderly/ knight of labor president in 1879
1886 failed Railroad strike/ organization faced rapid decline
J Pierpont Morgan(Financier)
J. Pierpont Morgan and corporation 1860/channeled European capital into U.S/investment banker/ bought corporate stocks and bonds at wholesale and sold them at profit/ Controlled a sixth of nations railways system in 1890s/ purchased Andrew Carnegie’s holdings in 1901/ 1st billion dollar corporation
Homestead steel strike
40,000 workers strike/ started 5/1/1886violence happened on 5/3/1886 at McCormick Reaper Works union and (scabs)fought outside plant/Police arrived 2 strikers killed. Lead to a bomb being thrown at the police on May 4 1886 7 killed 60 wounded.
Pullman Strike 1894
The first big Business in the U.S. Was?
The first transcontinental railroad was completed in?
All of the following describe Credit Mobilier except
Correct Answer)organized by George Pullman

Incorrect)a construction company for the Union Pacific
Incorrect) bribed congressman
Incorrect) made over 50 million in profit

John D Rockefeller stands out among business leaders bc of his
Innovative organization called vertical integration
Andrew Carnegie’s \”Gospel of Wealth\” explained?
The virtues of the law of competition
The \”battle of the currents\” involved?
Thomas Eddison and George Westinghousr
Sears, Roebuck and company became the nation’s largest retailers by?
All of the above
The social cost of industrialization included?
Numerous job-related injuries and deaths
To achieve change in the coal fields of eastern Pennsylvania, the Molly Maguires used?
Intimidation and viloence
The following are all true of anarchists except they
Were led by Karl Marx
The Hay-market incident involved?
Answer)All of the above
The McCormick Reaper Works
America’s first terrorist bombing
The Knights of labor
The American Federation of Labor
Primarily organized skilled workers
The president of the U.S. used federal troops to end the strike at?
Pullman, Illinois
The organization that wanted to be \”one big union\” for all workers was the?
Industrial Workers of the World
The first transcontinental railroad went from St. louis to Los Angeles
A major contributor to the 2nd Industrial Revolution was Electrical power?
An important railroad \”robber baron\” was Andrew Carnegie?
Among Edison’s inventions were the typewriter and the telephone?
John D. Rockefeller used Clevland, Ohio, as his initial base of operations
Andrew Carnegie consolidated the steel industry into U.S. Steel?
J.P. Morgans life was an example of rags to riches
In 1990, the average worker in manufacturing worked only about 45 hours per week?
In 1880, one out of every six children was working full time?
Terence V. Powderly led the Knights of labor?
The first major interstate labor strike was Homestead Strike in 1894?
Under Samuel Gomper, the American Federation of labor concentrated on economic gains for workers and avoided involvement in politics?
The Homestead Strike of 1892 involved western farmers upset over low agricultural prices, high railroad shipping rates, and continued attacks by indians?
Mother Jones was a devoted speaker and demonstrator for the United Mine Workers and other Unions who demanded safer working conditions and restrictions on child labor?
The federal government contributed to the expansion of business with?
All of the above

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