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Chapter 14 Study Guide Test Questions

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popular sovereignty
meant people in the territory or state would vote directly on issues rather than having their elected representatives decide


runaway enslaved person

Henry Clay
Senator for Kentucky; Great Compromiser; wrote Missouri Compromise and basis for Compromise of 1850

John C. Calhoun
against Clay’s compromise; Senator of South Carolina; believed that the admission of California as a free state would allow North to attack slavery; two ways preserve the South were to create a constitutional amendment to protect states’ rights or a secession

Daniel Webster
Massachusetts Senator; supported Clay’s proposals; thought Clay found a way to preserve the Union

Mexican-American War
new territory gained in this war threatened to destroy the slave and free states in America

Wilmot Proviso
proposal that Congress ban slavery in all territory purchased in the Mexican-American War

David Wilmot
creator of the Wilmot Proviso; Northern; Representative from Pennsylvania

Lewis Cass
1848 Democrat candidate for president; suggested popular sovereignty for California

Free-Soil Party
party supporting a stronger stand against slavery; consisted of northern Whigs and Democrats; wanted territory from the Mexican-American War to be free

Martin Van Buren
Free-Soil Party’s first nominee; formerly Democratic; did poorly in the election; was able to get enough votes to keep Cass from winning

President Zachary Taylor
Whig; hero of the Mexican-American War; election of 1848; elected instead of Lewis Cass and Martin Van Buren

got enough people to become a state after the gold rush; would disrupt the balance between slave and free states; South Carolina threatened to secede because of this state; Henry Clay tried to create a compromise for this

group that argued for California’s admission as a free state because it was north of the Missouri Compromise Line; wanted slave trade abolished in Washington DC; forced to capture fugitives by South

group that argued against California’s admission as a free state because they might not be able to defend slavery in Congressional meetings because they’d be outnumbered; wanted North to capture their fugitives; wanted Fugitive Slave Act

separation of a nation about to endure a civil war

Harriet Beecher Stowe
daughter of an abolitionist minister; wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin to show how bad slavery is

false or misleading information that is spread to further a cause

Stephen Douglas
Senator from Illinois; wanted railroads in Illinois; thought of railroad from Illinois through Nebraska Territory to the Pacific Coast; suggested forming Kansas Territory and Nebraska Territory in the Kansas-Nebraska Act

John Brown
antislavery settler from Connecticut; led seven men to Pottawatomie Creek; murdered 5 proslavery men and boys

The Compromise of 1850
5 bills based on Henry Clay’s proposals; opposed by President Zachary Taylor; supported by President Millard Fillmore; admitted California as a free state; banned slavery in the nation’s capitol but interstate commerce was allowed; popular sovereignty would determine area’s position on slavery in the Mexican Cession; Fugitive Slave Act

President Zachary Taylor
president against the Compromise of 1850

President Millard Fillmore
president supported the Compromise of 1850

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

John C. Calhoun

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Missouri Compromise

President Franklin Pierce

36 out of 39

Kansas Government

Pottawatomie Creek Attack

Bleeding Kansas

Charles Sumner

Andrew Butler

Preston Brooks


Dred Scott

Roger B. Taney

Abraham Lincoln

Republican Party

John C. Fremont

President James Buchanan

Dred Scott versus Sandford

Missouri Compromise

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Stephen Douglas

Abraham Lincoln

Mary Todd

John Brown

Robert E. Lee


civil war

Northern Democrats

Southern Democrats

Constitutional Union Party

Abraham Lincoln

Stephen Douglas

John Beckinridge

John Bell

Virginia Newspaper

Confederate States of America

Jefferson Davis

Fort Sumter