Chapter 14-17 Vocabulary Test Questions

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1. cultural diffusionthe process by which people adopt the practices of their neighbors.
2. industrial revolutionthe shift from human power to machine power
3. summitthe highest point of a mountain or similar elevation
4. prevailing westerliesthe constant flow of air from west to east in the temperate zones of the earth.
5. eurothe common currency used by member nations of the European
6. compulsoryrequired
7. fertileable to produce abundantly
8. orea rocky material containing a valuable mineral
9. tertiary economic activityan economic activity in which people do not directly gather or process raw materials but pursue activities that serve other; service industry
10. moorbroad, treeless, rolling land, often poorly drained and having patches of marsh and peat bog
11. bogan area of wet, spongy groun
12. glena narrow valley
13. peatspongy material containing waterlogged and decaying mosses and plants, sometimes dried and use as fuel.
14. cultural divergencethe restriction of a culture from outside influences
15. blighta plant disease.
16. fjorda narrow valley or inlet from the sea, originally carved out by an advancing glacier and filled by an advancing glacier and fille bt melting glacial ice
17. geothermal energyenergy produced from the earth's intense interior heat
18.mixed economya system combining different degrees of government regulation.
19. dialecta variation of a spoken language that is unique to a region or community
20. impressionisma style of art where painters try to catch visual impressions mad by color light, and shadows
21. recessionan extended decline in business activity
22. confederationa system of government in which individual political units keep their sovereignty but give limited power to a central government
23. reparationmoney paid for war damages
24. inflationa sharp, widespread rise in prices
25. ligniteA SOFT, brownish-black coal
26. dikean embankment of earth and rock built to hold back water
27. polderan area of low-lying land that has been reclaimed from the sea
28. decentralizeto transfer government power to smaller regions
cantona political division or sate; one of the states in switzerland
neutralnot taking sides in a war
perishable gooda product that does not stay fresh for long
strip miningthe process whereby miners strip away the surface of the earth to lay bare the mineral deposits
nationalizeto bring a business under state conrtol
navigabledeep and wide enough to allow the passage of ships
dry farminga farming technique that leaves land planted every few years n order to gather moisture
siroccoa hot,dry wind from northern africa
huba central point of concentrated activity and influence
seismic activityearthquakes and volcanic eruptions
subsidencea geological phenomenon in which the ground in an area sinks
renaissancethe revival of art, literature, and learning that took place in Europe during the fourteenth,fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries
grabena long, narrow area that has dropped between two faults
inhabitableable to support permanent residents
tsunamia huge wave caused primarily by a disturbance beneath the ocean, such as and earthquake or a volcanic eruption.

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