Chapter 13 sports and entertainment marketing

The purpose of a salary cap is to increase the profits of professional sports teams.
The nataional collegiate atheltic association develops the rules for competition among college athletes.
Since the early 1950s athletes In major professional sports have organized themselves into labor unions called players association
If a singer makes a promise to sing at a charity function for free that is legally enforceable contract.
There is an overwhelming number of laws governing sports and entertainment
An agent will negotiate contracts for a celebrity’s endorsement opportunities
Us copyright laws are enforceable throughout the world
Labor and management must cooperate if a business is to succeed
An athlete agent is assigned to a player by the players team
Owners of a copyright have the exclusive right to reproduce sell perform or display the work.
The practice of timing shifting violates copyright law
Labor and management tend to encourage lockouts because they help build fan interest
Most athletes and celebrities negotiate their own contracts
International sports federations are governmental bodies that govern specific sports.
The entertainment industry has a growing concern about how new technology cans be used to violate copyright law
Strikes usually take place when negotiations between employees and employers have come to a dead end
Licensing of trademarks and brands is a contractual agreement between the owner and the
Since 1978 works may be copyright for
The lifetime of the artist plus 70 years
The worldwide governing body of soccer is
The payment for the use of a copyrighted work is called
___ can be copyrighted
All of the above
The Unique works of writers, artists and musicians that are Protected under copyright law are often referred to as
Intellectual property
A ___ is a financial and business counselor often hired by athletes to help them manage their money
Collective bargaining does not involve
Copyright infringement
All of the above
The salary cap is
The max amount that a team can spend on players salaries
A period of time during which Owners of professional sports teams keeps the players from using team facilities and shut down league operations is called
Which of the following individuals would be most concerned about an athletes image
A handler
A ___ is an organization of workers formed to advance the rights and interests of its members
Labor union
Digital bits called ___ can be imbedded in digital programming to prevent programs from being recorded and redistribution
Broadcast flags
Payment that an author receives for the use or sale of copyright work is called
The __ prohibits a person from working in a competing business for a specific period of time
Non complete claus
___ are financial and business counselors rather than behavior monitors for athletes and celebrities
Before a work becomes public ___ allows limited creatives uses of music literature more w/out asking permission or making payment
Fair use
The realm in which an originators work can be used by anyone without permission is called
Public domain
When a group of employees join together as a single unit to negotiate with employers ___ occurs
Collective bargaining
A ___ is a legal representation of an athlete or celebrity
A __ works closely with an athlete to help manage his or her life off field
A ___ is an agreement in which an athlete or celebrity allows a person or agency to act as a representative in marketing his or her ability and name
Agent contract
___ laws protect the unique work of the originator from use by others without permission
What is the difference between a copyright and a patent?
Patent- property right snd a copyright – protects intellectual property for 70 years
In the United States when music is played on the radio who receives royalties ?
The owner
Identify the four conditions under which it is fair to use copyrighted material according to the copyright act
If works has been transformed if work is factual , private purpose and small amount
Explain the difference between a sports agent and a handler
Agent – legal representative of an athlete handler – manages athletes life

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