Chapter 10

self directed teams may mean having no supervision on the factory floor
the goal of a human resource strategy is to manage labor and design jobs so people are effectively and efficiently utilized
equitable pay alone cannot achieve a reasonable quality of work life in an organization
mutual trust means that both management and employee strive to meet common objectives
technology location and layout decision are all possible constraints on the human resource strategy
labor planning determines employment stability
the two extremes of employment stability policy are follow demand exactly and keep demand constant
maintaining a stable workforce generally results in the firm paying higher wages than a firm that follows demand
flextime is a system that allows employees, within limits, to determine their own work schedules
labor specialization includes the development of specialized tools to reduce labor costs
an enlarged job has more responsibility than the same job enriched
job rotation is an example of job enlargement
frederick w. taylor is credited with introducing psychology into the workplace
psychological factors have little relevance in the design of assembly line jobs since they involve physical products and production technology
self directed teams tend to be successful in work environments where there is little employee empowerment
the hawthorne studies, which showed that there is a dynamic social system in the workplace, took place in the 1960s
hackman and oldham’s five desirable characteristics of job design include job significance and autonomy
job expansion can lead to increased labor cost because of the extra workers hired in the expansion
profit sharing is a motivation and incentive system where executives receive stock options
the physical environment in which employees work may affect the quality of work life, but it does not affect their performance and safety
ergonomics is a branch of economics that deals with costs of scheduling workers
an operations chart or right hand/left hand chart, points out wasted motion and idle time
kanbans and anions are both elements of the visual workplace, because they are visual signals replace printouts and paperwork
visual workplace is a term coined by hawthorne and refers to the need for proper lighting at employee workstations
because various employment laws now require it, equal pay for equal work is no longer an ethical concern in the work environment
working around asbestos raised ethical concerns before its inherent dangers became known
the purpose of labor standards is to accurately define the skills required to complete a job
workers in which of the following countries probably experience the least amount of job expansion on average
United States
Which of the following best describes mutual commitment in an organization?
both management and the employees are committed to the same objective
Mutual trust is
reflected in reasonable, documented employment policies, honestly and equitably implemented
The objective of a human resource strategy is to
manager labor and design jobs so people are effectively and efficiently utilized
the two most basic policies associated with employment stability are
follow demand exactly and hold employment constant
four of the components of job design are
job specialization, job expansion, psychological components and self directed teams
job rotation is an example of
job enlargement
the behavioral approach to job design that involves giving the worker a larger portion of the total task is
job enlargement
when a worker has a say in the work methods that he wishes to utilize, his/her job is characterized by
which of the following terms implies an increase in responsibility and control
job enrichment
which of the following statements describes job rotation
the operator is allowed to move, for example, from one type of CNC machine to the other
the difference between job enrichment and job enlargement is that
enriched jobs involve vertical expansion, while enlarged jobs involve horizontal expansion
a job characterized by _____ allows a worker to use his / her dexterity, physical strength and skills to do his/her work
skill variety
when a worker obtains clear and timely information about his/her performance, his her job is characterized by
management and labor share the labor cost reductions in which of these compensation schemes
scanlon plan
which of the following statements regarding incentive systems is false?
the scanlon plan is based on team productivity
ergonomics is not concerned with
adequate compensation schemes
one of the elements of ergonomics is
designing tools and machines that facilitate human work
which of the following is not an analytical target of methods analysis?
movement of capital
methods analysis focuses on
issues such as the movement of individuals or materials
which of the following is used by methods analysis in analyzing body movement at the
operations chart
“Designed to show economy of motion by pointing out waste motion and idle time” describes
an operations chart
in a large aerospace company, it has been discovered that some insulators have been damaged. A methods specialist is sent out to follow the insulators through the production and storage processes and to try to find out where in the process they are damaged. the specialist should use
flow diagrams
methods analysis employs which of the following charts in its analysis of the movement of workers and materials?
flow diagram
Flow diagrams are used to analyze
movement of people and materials
activity charts help analyze
utilization of an operator and machine
“schematic used to investigate movement of people or material” describes a
flow diagram
shadow boards and foot printing are elements of
the visual workplace
which of the following is an ergonomics issue with ethical implications
a noisy workplace
labor standards are defined as
amount of time required to perform a job or part of a job
activity charts help analyze
workers in which of the following countries probably experience the least amount of job expansion on average
United States
hackman and oldham’s five desirable characteristics of job design include job significance and autonomy

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