Chapter 1: God’s Plan For Salvation: Primeval History

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Salvation history
story of God’s actions & ppl’s responses over time; Bible-filled with stories of ____ ____
a motivation or something that motivates u 2 do something
Apocalyptic literature
describes the destruction of evil & the coming of God’s reign; often highly symbolic
Historical accounts
record or account; usually in chronological order; reveals God’s acitivity in the World
rule of conduct or moral principle; taken from a generally recognized concept of universal justice
written/printed message; usually either personal or concerning specific subject
hemized series of names, words, etc.; often recorded in a set order
short story; answers a question or illustrates a deeper point; based on comparison; in OT, ____ can be proverb, riddle, or allegory
symbolic story; highlights view of a group toward the relationship between humans and the divine; symbolic rather than historical; origin stories are often ____
Prophecy/ oracle
words of wisdom/ advice given by God; prediction made under divine influence
Psalms/ canticles
poems and prayers; express poet’s personal and inner feelings; often meant 2 b sung
Short stories
told 2 show how viruous ppl live; contain developed characters & plots
Scientific truth
can b proven thru experimentation, collecting data, etc
Historical truth
the truth about past events
Moral truth
truth concerning issues of right & wrong
Proverbial truth
truth expressed thru wise sayings
Religious truth
truth of our faith; the underlying message God is expressing thru Biblical stories; requires faith 2 accept
expressing thru Biblical stories; requires faith 2 accept less literal approach 2 Biblical study; contextualists believe that literar form, the culture of the author, etc. impact the meaning of a passage
literal, word-4-word interpretation of bible; does not accept idea that literary form, history, or culture of the time, etc. impacts the meaning of a passage
Primeval History
the time b4 the invention of writing and recording of historical data
means \”beginnings,\” contains 2 creation accounts; both give us truths about God
Figurative language
a literary form that uses symbolic images, stories, and names 2 point 2 a deeper truth
1st creation account
written in list format, focuses on God creating order out of chaos; God created everything out of the power of his word; focuses on goodness of God’s creation
2nd creation account
written in story format, focuses on God’s personal involvement in creation; God’s friendship with ppl, focuses on relationship beween man and woman
giving human characteristics to the divine
someone who is responsible 4 something; caretaker
Free will
ability to choose and act freely on our own
Original holiness
original state of full communion in the relationship between humans & God
Original justice
state of harmony the first ppl had with themselves, each other, & all of creation
created by God; immortal; our spiritual principle; inseparable from our bodies until death; will live on until it is reunited with our resurrected body after Jesus’ 2nd coming
means \”messenger;\” personal and immortal creature with intelligence and free will who constantly glorifies God and serves as a messenger of God to humans 2 carry out God’s saving plan
The Fall
Adam and Eve’s fall from original holiness and justice; sin and evil enter the world
Subjective morality
when ppl think morality is based on individual opinion instead of God’s law
a story that explains something’s cause or origin
Original sin
1. sin of first ppl that resulted in loss of original holiness and original justice
2. fallen state of human nature
tendency of all human beings toward sin, as a result of Original Sin
Catholic teacing on Satan
falen angel or spirit of evil who is the enemy of God and a continuing instigator of temptation and sin in the world, means \”adversary\”
second coming of Christ at the end of time, fully realizing god’s plan and the glorification of humanity
1st announcement of the Good News and promise of God’s redemptive love thru the person of Jesus; comes from Latin; 1st Gospel
literal- etiology
spiritual- refers to God’s promise to send Savior
Cain and Abel
sotry describes spread of sin and how sin destroys relationships
Cain= jealous of Abel, kills him, has to leave, God puts protective mark on Cain
Noah and the Flood
describes widespread spread of sin
God floods world, spares Noah= builds ark, saves animals; sign of rainbow
Tower of Babel
describes spread of sin to nations, explain why people speak different languages
people build towers (ziggwrats) to break into Heaven and worship idols, God changes language so ppl won’t coconspire and communicate

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