Ch23 Earth Science

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One of the planets known to have rings is.
Of the following is not a Jovian planet?
The following is not a terrestrial planet?
Most obvious difference between the terrestrial and the Jovian planets is?
Which of the following is not characteristic of the Jovian planets?
Fin atmospheres
In an astronomical sense, which of the following is not considered an ice?
Water thank you
Formation of the solar system from a huge cloud of dust and gases is called the?
Nebular theory
Which of the following is not considered part of the solar system?
The Jovian planets contain a large percentage of the gases?
Hydrogen and helium.
Which Of the following is proportional Lee more abundant on terrestrial planets then on Jovian planets?
Silicate minerals
Which planet shows evidence of water erosion?
Which planet has a cratered surface similar to Earth’s moon?
And it with the greatest temperature extremes is?
Which planet has a dense carbon dioxide atmosphere and high surface temperatures?
On which thickly clouded planet has radar mapping revealed a varied topography consisting of plains, highlands, and thousands of volcanic structures?
Many known satellites does mars have?
Atmosphere of Venus is composed primarily of?
Carbon dioxide
Olympus Mons, a volcano the size of Ohio is found on?
Following planets does not have rings?
Planet viewed through a telescope, appears as a reddish ball interrupted by some permanent dark regions that change intensity?
The following is currently responsible for shaping Mars’ is surface?
Which features on Mars point to the possibility of liquid water on the planet?
Gullies and stream like channels
which planet is second only to the moon and brilliance in the night sky?
Which planet has a greater mass then the combined mass of all the remaining planets and moons?
Which of Jupiter’s moons is volcanically active?
Planet might be best described as a large, dirty ice ball?
Which planet is associated with the great dark spot?
Which of the planets is the smallest?
Which planets axis of rotation lies nearly parallel with the plane of its orbit?
According to a relatively recent discovery, which planet has one satellite?
Which moon has a substantial atmosphere?
The lowest surface temperature yet measured on anybody in the solar system (-200°C) occurs on
What characteristic distinguishes Neptune from the other planets?
Neptune is extremely windy
Jupiter’s great red Spot is believed to be a?
Cyclonic storm
35. Which of the following is a characteristic of Jupiter?
All of the above
Which satellite of Uranus has the greatest variety of landforms of any satellite yet examined?
Why isn’t Pluto considered a planet?
Pluto’s gravity is too weak to pull into smaller debris, so it hasn’t cleared its orbital path
Until 2006, Pluto was considered to be one of the nine planets. Now Pluto is considered to be a?
Dwarf planet
The following is true of dwarf planets?
The relatively small, rocky bodies generally found orbiting between Mars and Jupiter are known as?
What feat did the spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker accomplish
It landed on an asteroid
Most astroids lie between the orbits of?
Mars and Jupiter
A comet’s tail always points?
away from the sun
The glowing head of a comet is known as the?
Comments with short orbital periods are located in what region?
Kuiper belt
Call particles that produce a streak of light upon entering earths atmosphere are called?
The remains of extraterrestrial particles that are found on earth’s surface are called?
The most meteor showers are associated with the orbits of?
I planet with a Rockycrest and a metallic core would be classified as a?
Terrestrial planet
A cloud of dust and gas in space is called?
Because if it similarities to earth, what planet has been called earths twin?
Although the atmosphere is very thin, extensive just storms with wind speeds in excess of 270 km/h do occur on this planet?
The most prominent feature of this planet is its system of rings.
The total mass of all asteroids is estimated to be only one 1000 that of?

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