Ch. 3 NOS 230 CCCC IV

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After you create a new VHD, it appears as a _________ in the Disk Management snap-in and in Server Manager.
uninitialized disk
What is the new file system available in Windows Server 2012 R2?
What RAID levels are supported by Windows Server 2012 R2?
RAID levels 0,1, and 5
What external storage functions as a file server?
Regarding both striped and spanned volumes, what is the maximum number of physical disks permitted to create a volume?
What is the current trend in server deployment?
Virtualized servers
What is the difference between striped and spanned volumes?
With striped volumes, the system writes data one strip at a time per disk in the volume.
You want to create a new storage pool from a disk enclosure using the Windows PowerShell New-StoragePool cmdlet. What parameter would you need to use with the cmdlet to specify that the disks are housed in a disk enclosure?
After you install your physical disks, you can concatenate their space together, from which you can create virtual disks of any size. This total space is called a ________.
Storage pool
What disk types can be extended?
Virtual disks only
What was the partition style(s) prior Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista for x86 (32-bit) systems?
Master Boot Record (MBR) only
Why does NAS have an inherent performance limitation that is not present with SAN or direct-attached storage?
NAS are self-contained, not usually upgradable
To extend or shrink a volume, of which built-in groups must you be a member?
Backup Operators or Administrators
What is the recommended space needed for a paging file. Consider in terms of percentage of the actual memory installed.
150% of the amount of installed memory in the system.
What is the preferred graphical tool in Windows Server 2012 R2 with which you can manage storage pools and create virtual disks?
Server Manager
What is the simplest and least expensive of external drive arrays?
What do you call a separate network dedicated solely to storage devices?
SAN, or Storage Area Network
What is the minimum number of physical disks required to create a RAID 5 volume?
Windows Server 2012 R2 includes a new disk virtualization technology called ______, which enables a server to concatenate storage space from individual physical disks.
Storage Spaces
What RAID level is a stripe set with distributed parity? This RAID level is implemented in Windows Server 2012 R2?

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