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Revenue management
is used to maximize room revenue at a hotel
Both Cesar Ritz and Auguste Escoffier were dismissed from the ________ hotel in 1897
Jay Pritzker purchased the Hyatt House motel in
In 1982 the HOBIC was introduced. HOBIC stands for
Hotel Billing Information Center
In_______ the first models of telephone systems were introduced to guestrooms
Revenue per available room (REV PAR) was developed by
Smith Travel Research
The concierge’s organization, which promotes high professional and ethical standards, is the
Both Union Professionnelle des Portiers des Grand Hotels and Clefs d’Or
OSHA stands for
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
The term PBX stands for
Private Brand Exchange
A comprehensive security plan includes all of the following EXCEPT:
hazardous waste reduction procedures
Trends in hotel and rooms division operations includes all of the following EXCEPT:
capacity control
US Senate Bill 198, known as _____________, has heightened awareness of the storage, handling, and use of dangerous chemicals
Employee Right to Know
Hotels balance their accounts ___________ of each day
at the end
The Hyatt Hotels Corporation is characterized by a __________ management approach
The highest rate quoted for a guestroom is known as the
rack rate
Eco Efficiency is also generally coined
Property management systems were established in the 1990s so guests could use their smartphones to view their bills online
The executive committee is made up of directors from the various divisions within the hotel and typically meets weekly to discuss many topics such as guest satisfaction, employee satisfaction, training and
occupancy forecast
In order to be successful, a GM needs to have a broad range of personal qualities. Which of the following is not one of the qualities most listed by other GMs?
The first direct contact a guest often has with a hotel is with the reservations department.
Yield management practices were designed to maximize revenue based on fluctuating demand. The practice of yield management originated in the​ ___________ industry
A hotel is made up of several businesses, also known as revenue or cost centers
The goal of the reservation department is to sell all of the hotel rooms for the maximum possible price while:
avoiding guest resentment at being overcharged
The professional organization for concierges is known as the Clefs d’Or, which promotes the highest professional and ethical standards within the industry
The executive committee is responsible for making all the major decisions affecting the hotel
The rooms division includes the room service​ (or in-room​ dining) department along with​ reservations, guest​ services, and security.

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