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Apollo, the market leader in high-resolution cameras and lenses is known for its quality and customer service. Apollo markets its vast range of cameras, lenses, and camera accessories directly to final consumers who belong to a broad group of demographic segments. By doing so, Apollo avoids all intermediaries and provides consumers with their products at the most competitive prices. Apollo falls under the ________ online marketing domain.
The popular press has paid the most attention to ________ online marketing-the online selling of goods and services to final consumers.
It can be used to combine touch-screen and digital technologies .
Which of the following is true with regard to kiosk marketing?
________ is the sales step in which a salesperson or company identifies qualified potential customers.
Advertising is an invitation to buy the product, while a sales promotion is an incentive to buy the product immediately.
Which of the following is a difference between advertising and sales promotions?
product sales force structure
P&B Ltd. provides consumers with a range of household, engineering, and healthcare goods; it also runs hotels and resorts under its brand name. It employs different sales forces within the different product and service divisions of its major businesses. From the information provided in the scenario, we can infer that P&B Ltd. has adopted a ________.
sales promotion
Gustaves Electronics are a leading brand in kitchen appliances. Recently, the company released a new line of blenders called Amalgee. But the sales of Amalgee did not meet the expected figures. To boost sales, Gustaves decided to give scratch-and-win coupons to all buyers, with a chance to win a three-day trip to the Carribean for the lucky buyer. Which of the following elements of the promotion mix did Gustaves utilize to boost Amalgee’s sales?
e-tailers and are best described as ________ that sell products and services directly to final buyers via the Internet.
prospecting and qualifying
Which of the following is the first step in the selling process?
________ is the largest online social network with great potential as an online marketing hub.
create a Web site
For most companies, the first step in conducting online marketing is to ________
television advertisements
Which of the following promotion tools would best suit to reach a mass audience that is geographically dispersed in a short period of time?
Which of the following is a type of identity theft that uses deceptive e-mails and fraudulent Web sites to fool consumers into revealing their personal data?
Handling objections
________ is the sales step in which the salesperson seeks out, clarifies, and overcomes any customer disapproval to buying.
Blogs are an inexpensive yet personal way to connect with consumers.
A company would be most likely to benefit in which of the following ways by using blogs as marketing tools?
________ is the sales step in which a salesperson learns as much as possible about a prospective customer before making a sales call.
National Do-Not-Call Registry
Gutter Guys is a gutter installation company in Southern California that used to generate most of its sales through telemarketing but now uses direct mail to reach prospective customers. Which of the following most likely explains the reason that Gutter Guys switched from telemarketing to direct mail?
direct marketing
In Da Houz is a bar which mostly plays trance music, and has a dedicated day every week for local bands to perform. In Da Houz tries to build strong customer relations and patronage by gathering feedback from customers and asking the customers to provide their mobile numbers. Knowing the target customers, In Da Houz sends text messages to potential customers, telling them about happy hours, introducing a new drink, bands that are playing that week, dedicated genre nights, and other activities at the bar. Which of the following promotion mix tools does In Da Houz employ to reach target customers?
C2B online marketing
The site has become a rage among Internet-users and businesses. Though the site is only eight-months old, it has elicited large amounts of Internet traffic and transactions. The site promises to provide the best deals for an almost unlimited range of goods and services it lists. Consumers are required to log-in and bid for goods and services of their choice and can obtain heavy discounts, free shipping, and bonus points for being frequent users. This scenario reflects ________.
product and market
Easy Life manufactures a wide range of home appliances, healthcare products, and cosmetics. It sells its products to many types of customers but in a single geographic location. Its complex sales force structure combines which of the following two sales force structures?
content sites
New York Times on the Web,, and Encyclopedia Britannica Online provide financial, research, and other information. They are called ________.
Interactive television
________ allows consumers to gain additional information about a product through the use of a remote control.
direct-response television advertising and iTV advertising
What are two major forms of direct-response television marketing?
Fox Scully received an e-mail promoting a new financial services institution that offers surprisingly low mortgage rates. The e-mail simply asked customers to provide their address, date of birth, social security number, and current mortgage information in order to receive a free loan quote. Suspicious of the offer, Fox researched the company and discovered that the e-mail was a fraud. This is an example of ________.
setting the advertising objectives
Which of the following is the first step in developing an advertising program?
Using ________ telephone marketing, marketers sell directly to consumers.
viral marketing
Clenzo is a company that provides house cleaning services in major urban and suburban areas. Marketers at Clenzo developed a short, humorous video promoting the company’s services and hope that customers who see the video will be so entertained that they will pass it on to their friends and colleagues. The marketers at Clenzo are using ________.
blurred brand perceptions of consumers
Which of the following issues faced by a company can be solved by an integrated marketing communications system?
territorial sales force structure
In which of the following sales force structures is each salesperson assigned to an exclusive geographic area?
The Trainstar Company is a sportswear equipment manufacturer that is planning to release a new line of energy drinks called Revitalizer. In the ad for the energy drink the company showed different people going for a morning jog, working out in a gym, jazzercising, and doing aerobics. At the end of the ad, there are clips of these people stopping their activity, drinking Revitalizer, becoming visibly re-energized after drinking, and then continuing their exercises. Which of the following kind of advertising styles did the Trainstar Company use for the Revitalizer ad?
presentation and demonstration
Howard Genks works as a sales representative in a company that produces all kinds of hospital supplies. Recently, a prospective buyer walked into the store and spoke of how he was starting a non-profit organization to provide free treatment to children with cancer and required all furnishings for the ward to be designed specially for children. Howard quickly showed the client the range of beds and other hospital requirements the store had which were designed specifically for children to use. They also had rounded edges and colors that would appeal to children. Which of the following steps of the sales process is Howard executing in this scenario?
to build customer goodwill
What is the main purpose of a corporate Web site?
In which of the following steps in the sales process does the salesperson meet the customer for the first time?
slice of life
The ________ style of advertising shows ordinary people clearly using a product in a normal setting.
sales promotion
In a promotion mix, ________ refers to any short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service.
personal selling
Which of the following types of promotion tools requires the most interaction with a customer?
Bruce Hobbs started his company, Cookzee, with the aim of creating a single kitchen appliance that would meet all the needs of a home-maker be it conventional cooking, baking, or grilling. With time this multi-functional kitchen appliance became very popular with consumers and Bruce decided to increase his reach by using direct marketing. Bruce and his team came up with a full 30-minute long program describing the various ways in which their product could be used and aired it on television with a toll-free number that interested consumers could call. This program is a(n) ________.
Travel expenses are relatively smaller than product sales force structure.
Which of the following is true of the territorial sales force structure?
Which of the following is the fixed amount in a salesperson’s compensation?
psychographic data
Information about a customer’s activities and interests are all ________ in a customer database
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