Ch. 1 REVEL questions

In the definition of psychology, mental process means
internal, covert processes
Which early psychologist was the first to try to bring objectivity and measurement to the concept of psychology?
Wilhelm Wundt
Which of the following early psychologists would have been most likely to agree with the statement, “The study of the mind should focus on how it functions in everyday life”?
William James
Who was the first woman to complete the coursework for a doctorate at Harvard University?
Mary Whiton Calkins
Which early perspective tried to return to a focus on scientific inquiry by ignoring the study of consiousness?
Which of the following perspectives focuses on the biological bases of universal mental characteristics?
Which perspective offers the best explanation for schizophrenia?
Wesley has learned that if he cries with his mother in public, she will often get him a new toy or a piece of candy so as to quiet him. Which of the following perspectives explains Wesley’s behavior?
Which perspective would a researcher be taking if she were studying a client’s early childhood experiences and his resulting development of self?
Which of the following professionals in psychology has a doctoral degree but it is not in medicine?
If Dr. Swasey is like most psychologists, where does she probably work?
Dr. White noticed something odd happening to the behavior of his students as midterm exams neared. He decided to take notes about this behavior to find out exactly what was happening and the circumstances surrounding the behavior. His goal is clearly
Which of the following is an example of observer bias?
You develop an opinion of what you expect to see in an experiment
The main advantage of a survey is that
A large amount of data can be gathered
Which of the following would indicate the weakest relationship and thus be close to complete randomness?
In an experiment to examine the effects of sleep deprivation on completion of a puzzle, one group is allowed to sleep 8 hours while another group is made to stay awake. In this experiment, the control group is
The group that gets to sleep
In a _____________ study, the participants do not know if they are part of the control group or the experimental group. Only the experimenter knows who is in each group.
What is the first guideline for doing research with people?
The rights and well-being of participants must come first.
What is the biggest reason we use animals in research?
We can do things to animals that we can’t do to people
Which of the following is an ethical consideration when using animals in research?
Avoiding exposing them to unnecessary pain.
What happens when the results of a study create an undesirable outcome for the participant?
The researcher must find some way of helping the participant deal with the negative impact.

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