Ch 1 nursing fundamentals Potter

Florence NightingaleFounder of modern nursing. Born in 1820 to a wealthy family, grew up in England, well educated and traveled extensively. Trained as a nurse at 31. The Crimean War gave opportunity for achievement. Challenged prejudices against women, and elevated the status of all nurses. Established training school for nurses, and wrote books on healthcare and nursing education. Elevated the status of nursing to a respected occupation, and improved quality of care. Regarded as founder of modern nursing.
Dorothea DixRights activist on behalf of mentally ill patients – created first wave of US mental asylums –Super for Corp of Army nurses
Isabel Hampton RobbA leader in nursing and nursing education. organized the nursing school at Johns Hopkins Hospital; initiated policies that included limiting the number of hours in a days work and wrote a textbook to help student learning; the first president of the Nurses Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada (now American Nurses Association).

Mary Elizabeth MahoneyGraduated from the New England Hospital for women and children in 1879 as Americas First African American Nurse.
Lavina Docknursing leader, suffragist; active in protest for womens right (voting)

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class="term">Margaret Sangerplanned parenthood
aims of nursingTo promote health,
to prevent illness,
to restore health,
to facilitate coping with disability or death.
LPNprovides direct client care under the direction of a registered nurse physician or other licensed practitioner in meeting healthcare needs in hospitals,home health agencies,nursing homes.NCLEX PN exam
RN3 types of educational programs degree,2. Diploma , 3. Baccalaureate programs all graduates must sit for the Nclex RN exam at the State level.
MSNprepares advanced practice nurses as nurse educator, nurse administrator, or specialty areas ex. midwives FNP family nurse practitioners
ANAis the professional organization for RNs — public education, clinical nursing standards lobbying state and federal lawmakers to advance the profession of nursing
Nursing Practice ActEach state has four objectives
1) defines the practice of professional nursing
2) sets min-educational qualifications and requirements for nursing
3) legal titles/ abbreviations
4) disciplinary actions
Nursing Process – critical thinking – ADOPIEIs nursing made visible using both the science and art of nursing.– organizational framework for the practice of nursing. It encompasses all steps taken by the nurse in caring for a patient: ADOPIE assessment, nursing diagnoses, outcome identifications, planning (with goals and outcome criteria), implementation of the plan (with patient teaching), and evaluation —do not forget evaluation to make sure your plan is working..
evidence based practice trendnursing care provided that is supported by sound scienti?c rationale
current trends in nursing1.Nursing Shortage
2.Evidence-Based Practice
3.Community-Based Nursing
4.Decreased Length/Hospital Stay
5.Aging Population
6.Increased Chronic Health Condition
7.Independent Nursing Practice
8.Culturally Competent Care and Complementary Therapies
community based nursing trendcare that takes place in community settings such as the home or a clinic,where the focus is on the needs of the individual or family to monitor and control healthcare services and minimize cost.
nursing shortage trendRN are largest group of all healthcare providers like 2.9 mill and 2.4 are working.. nurses are aging and faculty to educate nursing students aging. by 2020, 800,000 nurses will be needed.
decreased length/hospital stay trendhospital stays are shorter acutely injured patients often requiring complex care by nurses and early release requires teaching the patients and family members how to provide self care.
culturally competent care trendbridge cultural gaps, work with culural differences, clients achieve meaningful supportive care
independent nursing practice trendadvance practice degree nurses may set up their own practice and charge a fee, insurance companies will cover these fees if other requirements of plan are fulfilled (being in network for example), CNS, CNP, mid wives (examples), MSN or higher degree required, may prescribe meds independently, required to work with physician in Alabama, may not prescribe controlled substances in Alabama
Standards of professional performancequality of practice
practice evaluation
resource utilization
NSNA – National Student Nurses Associationofficial preprofessional organization for nursing students; an autonomous body; Publication; Imprint (magazine)
Clara BartonSuperintendant of Nurses for the Union Army during the Civil War, founded the American Red Cross is 1881. An “angel” in the Civil War, she treated the wounded in the field.
Liilian Waldfounder of public health nursing
Mary Adelaide Nuttingfirst professor in nursing
Four essential competencies nurse uses1. Cognitive, 2. Technical, 3. Interpersonal, and 4. ethical/legal skills to provide safe and knowledgeable care.
NLN – National League for Nursingan organization for both individuals and agencies (involving nurses/non-nurses makes it unique); Objective: foster the development and improvement of all nursing services and nursing education provides voluntary accreditation for educational programs in nursing.
AACN – American Association of Colleges of Nursingestablishes quality educational standards, most nursing programs that are accredited are either accredited by the NLN or AACN, the CN is the accrediting body of the AACN, BSN or Graduate school
Articulation of CCRIthe LPN program to the RN program then to get a BSN ,,
Ethically and morally skilledconduct themselves morally, be accountable to themselves and their patients act as patients advocate. Be trusted. Right from wrong
aging population trendbaby boomer and older people require teaching and nursing interventions. More disease -prevention interventions /* one floor housing, bathroom for aging.
Florence Nightingale born 1820Regarded as founder of modern nursing
Isabel Hampton Robb – educatorOrganized nursing school at John Hopkins Hospital. Leader in nursing and nursing education
PeplauDevelop interaction between nurse and patient
HendersonWork interdependently with other health care workers; assist patients in gaining independence as quickly as possible
Oremcare for help patient attain self care
Kinguse communication to help patient reestablish positive adaption to environment
Neumanhelp individuals, families, and groups attain and maintain maximal level of total wellness by purposed interventions
Leiningerprovide care consistent with nursings emerging science and knowledge with caring as central focus
RoyIdentify types of demands placed on patient, assess adaption to demands and help patient adapt
WatsonPromote health, restore patient to health and prevent illness
Benner – Wrubelfocus on patients need for caring as a means of coping with stressors of illness
Magnet recognition programestablished to recognize health care organizations that achieve excellence in nursing practice
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