Ch 1-3 Practice Test

An individual has a 9-to-5 job. However, this person seldom gets up early enough to be at work on time, and expresses great distress over this fact. This individual’s behavior would be considered abnormal because it is:
dysfunctional and deviant

A Secret Service agent steps in front of the President of the United States, prepared to be killed or injured if the President’s safety is threatened. Psychologically speaking, the Secret Service agent’s behavior is:
dysfunctional, but not psychologically abnormal

Which of the following examples would NOT be considered abnormal, despite the fact that it is dysfunctional?
someone who goes on a hunger strike to protest social injustice

Defining abnormal behavior using “the four Ds”:
is still often vague and subjective.

Bob experiences unshakable sadness. His friends have given up trying to cheer him up
because nothing works. An ancient Greek physician would have assumed an excess of:
black bile.

What is the distinction of Bethlehem Hospital, founded in London in 1547?
Popularly called “Bedlam,” it came to represent deplorable conditions for patients.

The finding that syphilis causes general paresis is important because it supports the idea
organic factors can cause mental illness.

A forensic clinician is most likely to use hypnotism today to help:
a witness recall details of a violent crime.

Regarding the cause of mental disorders, surveys have found that 43 percent of people
today believe that mental illness is caused by which of the following?
something people bring on themselves

Based on the number of men and women majoring in psychology as undergrads, we would
predict that in the future:
most psychologists will be women.

Challenges faced by clinical researchers include all of the following EXCEPT:
there are very few graduate students trained in clinical research.

The Three Faces of Eve is based on a(n):
case study.

Which of the following results MOST likely came from an epidemiological study?
The rate of suicide is higher in Ireland than in the United States.

A study includes 60 people suffering from an ordinary headache. Twenty get aspirin, 20 get
a sugar pill that looks like aspirin, and 20 get nothing at all. In 65 percent of the aspirin
group, the headache goes away. In the other two groups, the “cure” rates are 35 and 5
percent, respectively. Other than the drug condition, the participants are treated identically.
This study:
is an experimental study.

Not all participants are the same. Researchers use to reduce the possibility that
preexisting differences between groups are responsible for observed differences after
experimental manipulation.
random assignment

A researcher’s expectations about a study can affect its outcome. The type of research
design used specifically to address this problem is a(n):
blind design.

The models or paradigm an investigator uses influences:
the questions and observations the investigator uses.

The paradigm or model adopted by people in the Middle Ages to explain abnormal behavior
would have been:

Messages moving from neuron to neuron must cross tiny spaces called:

Abnormal chemical activity in the body’s endocrine system relates to the release of:

Neurosurgery is believed to have its roots in:
trephining from the demonological era.

According to Freud, pleasure from nursing your baby is reflected in which part of the

Keeping one’s id under control causes anxiety. How does one attempt to alleviate that
anxiety, according to Freud?
by using defense mechanisms

What we call “conscience” is closest to what Freud called the:

You blame your poor performance on a test you didn’t study for on all the other work you
had to do. The defense mechanism that BEST explains your behavior is:

The motivation to form relationships with others is a central theme of:
object relations theory.

Which one of the following statements would a Freudian be MOST likely to agree with?
Parents are the key figures during childhood and are seen as the cause of improper development.

Colin is asked to “free associate” about his mother’s new husband and he responds by
changing the subject. A psychodynamic therapist would consider this an example of:

Evidence of the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy:
comes mostly from case studies.

When a young child yells and throws toys (“temper tan!tum”), the parents give the child a good deal of attention. As time goes on, the temper tantrums become more and more common. A behavioral psychologist would say that the temper tantrums result from:
operant conditioning.

Regarding attitudes toward therapy, people are MOST likely to agree with which of the following statements?
“It’s a good idea to seek therapy before things get out of hand”

32. According to _________, the drive to self-actualize plays an important part in human functioning.

If, unfortunately, you have a history of schizophrenia in your family and you are exposed to severe environmental conditions, you may illustrate the _________ explanation of the cause of abnormal behavior.

The MAIN focus of a clinical practitioner when faced with a new client is to gather what type of information?

A mental health practitioner attempts to learn about the behavior and emotional state of each client. This approach to abnormal psychology is called:

If a new test for anxiety is normed on individuals who are waiting to take introductory psychology final exams, the new test is surely lacking:
adequate standardization.

If a clinician is particularly interested in a client’s family background and community influences, that clinician is MOST likely from which orientation?

An interviewer who asks a client questions such as “Where are you now?,” “Why do you think you’re here?,” or even “Who are you?” is probably conducting a(n):
mental status exam.

A patient looks at a series of black-and-white pictures, making up a dramatic story about each. The patient is taking:
the Rorscharch Test

If a clinician focused on where you placed your drawing on the page, the size of the drawing, and the parts you omitted, you MOST likely took which of the following tests?

George is consumed with concern that his house will burn down. Before he leaves, he makes sure that all his appliances are unplugged. He often has to go back home and check to make sure he did not leave any plugged in. Which MMPI-2 scale would he MOST likely score high on?

The technique that uses X rays of the brain taken at different angles to create a static picture of the structure of the brain is called:
computerized axial tomography

If it were necessary to get the clearest and most accurate picture of the physical anatomy of the brain in order to aid in the diagnosis of a psychological disorder, the method of choice would be:

One strength of intelligence tests is their:
large standardization sample

An adult frequently displays symptoms of depression at home, but seldom does so at work. In this case, clinical observations of this person at home would lack:
cross-situational validity.

In the DSM-5, which of the following diagnostic categories would no longer be considered an anxiety disorder?
obsessive-compulsive disorder

Studies show that errors in diagnosis most commonly involve information gathered:
early in the assessment process, and in a hospital setting.

After some people are told their DSM diagnoses, their “symptoms” appear to stay the same or even get worse. Many theorists would attribute this to the development of:
self-fulfilling prophecies

Therapies that have received clear research support are called:

The movement that has tried to find the common strategies that “good” therapists use is called:

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