Central Europe and Northern Eurasia Vocabulary Ch 18

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training and breeding animals for human use
system in which the government controls most aspects of political and economic life
the name some geographers suggest should be used for the landmass of Europe and Asia
Inland sea
sea almost completely surrounded by land
treeless plain the Arctic where short grasses and mosses grow
coniferous forest found south of the tundra in Northern Eurasia
temperate grassland that is often lightly wooded, found in Europe and Asia
containing many ethnic groups
Ethnic group
Ethnic group
group of people who share such things as culture, language, and religion
Acid rain
form of pollution in which toxic chemicals come back to earth as rain, snow, or hail
Infant mortality
number of children per 1,000 live births who die within the first year
Maternal mortality
Maternal mortality
number of women who die due to pregnancy and childbirth complications per 100,000 live births
Life expectancy
number of years a person is expected to live as determined by statistics
Which present day eastern european countries were invaded in past centuries?
Russia and Ukraine
How have the different histories of the region’s countries influenced their present day economic well being?
by adopting Communism, but then adopting democracy and market economy, which is part of these countries today
which nations in this region lack seacoasts?
Belarus, Czech. Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova
How do physical characteristics affect Siberia’s ability to trade with other regions?
The Siberian trade is very poor because no one travels that often in Lake Baikal and the mountains to the south act as a barrier.
What climates are found in Poland?
Poland is humid and has a manne-west coast climate.
Which city experiences the greater difference between high and low temperatures?
What ecosystems covers most of (a) Russia and (b) Ukraine?
A- forest ecosystem (taiga)
B- grassland ecosystem (steppe)
Where do you think are the most populated areas?
I think steppe because compared to the other 2 ecosystems, taiga seems the most successful. It provides fertile soil for agriculture.
Where do you think are the least populated areas?
I think tundra because the polar conditions discourage all but the toughest grasses, mosses, and lichens, which grow during the short summer.
Where do most people in Central Europe and Northern Eurasia live?
most live in the WEST (more cities)
In which countries are the region’s hydroelectric power sources located?
Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Czech. Rep., Russia, and Macedonia
Name at least 2 rivers that provide water power.
Volga, Yensei, Danube
Which nations seem to have few natural resources?
Belarus, Moldova, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Ukraine, Lavatica, Estonia, Lithuania, and Slovenia
How do you think having few natural resources affects the economy of a nation? Why?
I think it makes things harder for that nation. That nation has to rely on other nations for resources. There are no resources for plentiful trade. And it weakens the economy.
How did the end of communism change health care in Russia?
The end of communism changed health care in Russia because the system wasn’t funded adequately.
Which nation has the highest infant mortality rate?
Compare life expectancy data for the US and the other nations.
The US definitely has a higher life expectancy compared to other nations.

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