CDC 4A051 Health Services Management Journeyman Volume #1

Name 5 basic uses of the microcomputer in an MTF?
1.) Word Processing-the preparation of documents such as letters and forms
2.) Spreadsheets- helpful when working with numbers and mathematical formulas
3.) Database Management-assists with the tracking of large amounts of data reports.
4.) Email Messaging- enhances communications
5.) Presentations- allows slide show briefings
Functions include patient appointment and scheduling. Data about a patient need only be entered once.
Provides a uniform means for determining eligibility for healthcare benefits. Provides on-line updates of beneficiary data.
Provides specific reports to the executive staff regarding the use of resources. Used to collect workload, financial, and personal data.
What is auxiliary storage?
Storage that allows you to save, store, and retrieve data for use at a later time.
What is used primarily as a semi-permanent or permanent storage device?
Floppy diskette or disk
What type of storage device offers long-term storage capability?
Hard disk drives
Name sources used to input information into the computer system.
*Hard or floppy disks
*Magnetic tapes
*Flash drives
*Touch Screen
Define RAM (Random-access memory)
The temporary electrical storage space that holds program instructions and program data.
What is ROM (Read-only memory)?
Permanent memory that gives the computer the instructions it needs to start itself.
How can you prevent the loss of documents when the computer loses power?
By saving documents to the hard disk drive or to a floppy diskette often.
Name at least 3 benefits authorized users have using TRICARE Online.
1.) Schedule and View Appointments
2.) Access approved health content
3.) Access personal health information
4.) Use pharmacy tools
5.) Check medications
6.) Access military staff applications and much more
What system is designed to store, share, and exchange knowledge among all members of the AFMS?
Knowledge Exchange (KX)
Which system is the standard cost accounting system for the MHS, containing Tri-Service financial, personnel, and workload data from reporting medical and dental treatment facilities?
Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS).
Which organization comprehensive accreditation process evaluates an organization’s compliance with standards and other accreditation requirements?
Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
Name the US Department of Labor’s web site that provides information on federal regulations for health and safety at work.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
What should be done as a last resort when trying to recover hard drive space?
Clean-up of the my document folder.
What is accomplished to promote quick system recovery and or save system/user data?
The back-up of a computer.
Name a simple alternative to the back-up process.
Network drive back-up.
What happens when programs and data are continuously added and deleted?
It becomes fragmented.
What device is used to junction between local/wide area networks?
A router
Name the two most common cabling types used in facilities.
Twisted pair and fiber optic.
How did twisted pair get its name?
From having multiple pairs of copper wire with each pair being twisted together and encased in a protective jacket.
What enables you to encrypt and digitally sign email messages, and provides security for your network?
Common Access Card (CAC)
Who designates in writing a primary and alternate EC?
The Unit Commander
Who is responsible for ensuring all changes or corrections to the inventory are clearly annotated on the listing?
ADP equipment custodian (EC) responsibilities.
Who must sign on the final page of the inventory listing, upon completion of the joint physical inventory?
Both losing and gaining EC.
What form is used to issue all equipment on loan for 90 days or less?
AF Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipt
How often are labels checked against the account listing?
What is failure to comply with EUL called?
Copy write infringement
What are the objectives of COMPUSEC?
Ensures the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information processed, stored, and transmitted by a computer.
Which COMPUSEC objective ensures only personnel with proper clearance, authorization, and need-to-know are allowed access to sensitive information?
When is a system security policy?
A set of rules and practices regulating how information is managed, protected, and distributed by an information system.
Who develops a system security policy?
What is your first line of defense against unauthorized access to systems?
Physical security provided by the facility.
Name physical barriers that limit unauthorized access to your systems.
Counters, service windows and locked doors.
What is the most commonly used method for controlling access to systems in cases where an individual does not have a CAC?
User identification and strong password combinations.
How is much of the information you’ll process classified?
Unclassified, but protected as FOUO, Privacy Act Information, and HIPPA.
What action should you take when unauthorized personnel are in the area?
Protect equipment such as printers and monitors to prevent viewing of sensitive information and control access to files and software so only authorized users can use the system and data resources.
What should you do before leaving remote terminal areas unattended?
Lock doors, disable communication lines, or take other appropriate action to protect systems and their data.
Where are back-up files and software stored?
Apart from the original material
Standard systems are those that are standardized across more than one
Which system supports the admissions and dispositions functions in the medical treatment facility (MTF)?
Which devices are considered auxiliary storage devices?
Floppy disk, hard disk, USB and magnetic tape.
Hard disk devices
are standard in most microcomputers.
A program or set of programs that manages and directs a computer system is called
an operating system
Random Access Memory (RAM) is
the temporary electrical storage space that holds program instructions.
TRICARE Online allows authorized users to do all of the following except
access medical record information
Which system is designed to store, share, and exchange knowledge among all Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) members?
Knowledge Exchange (Kx)
Which files, if tampered with, can cause an unstable or unrecoverable operating system?
What process realigns the separated files and moves them into a more defined structure increasing data access rate and performance of the system?
What device is used to junction between local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN)?
Who is accountable for equipment assigned to their organization?
A physical inventory of all equipment is conducted
Where do you place the Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) identification label?
Front or top of the equipment
What computer security (COMPUSEC) objectives is reached when there is no unexpected downtime due to a virus or sabotage?
What computer security (COMPUSEC) objective is attained when access to sensitive information is allowed only to those with the proper clearance, authorization, and need-to-know?
Who is responsible for ensuring computer users are trained in computer security (COMPUSEC) awareness and local operating instructions?
Information systems security officer (ISSO)
When is computer security (COMPUSEC) training provided to the user?
Prior to being granted system access and annually thereafter.
Who represents the Information Systems security officer (ISSO) at locations the ISSO cannot effectively monitor users or system activities?
Client support administrator
Information needing protection from public interest is marked
For Official Use Only (FOUO)
The Privacy Act of 1974
safeguards personal information from unauthorized use.
An individual is allowed access to classified information after a determination is made that
the individual is trustworthy and access is necessary for performance of duty.
What is a draft?
A preliminary plan of how you want your final product to look.
How do you set the draft process in motion?
Determine the purpose of the correspondence.
What are the three general purposes of all Air Force writing?
To direct, to inform (or question), and to persuade
What is the purpose of a letter explaining what to do when filing laboratory reports?
To direct
What’s the purpose of a memorandum explaining why physical fitness is important?
To persuade
What is the purpose if you’re explaining how to report to the commander?
To inform (or overlapping of informative and directive)
What’s another way to determine the purpose of your writing?
By asking “what do I want my readers to know or do?”
When thinking about your receivers, what questions do you ask?
What reaction do I want from this correspondence? How much does the receiver already know about the subject? What are the background, education, and professional experience of the receiver? What tone should I use?
What is the simplest way to make personal contact in your communications?
Use familiar, everyday words.
Often the most neglected part of correspondence.
Summarize your main points.
Placement of phone numbers.
Negative Tone
Can defeat your purpose.
Align your main and supporting ideas in logical order.
Explains and clarifies your purpose.
Location of main points to support your purpose.
Positive Tone
A dignified, polite, and understanding style.
Used to fill space and impress.
Words familiar to a small group of people.
When editing, on what areas do you concentrate?
Technical accuracy and coverage, arrangement, and readability.
What are your concerns when editing for technical accuracy and coverage?
Is enough information included? Are details correct? Are irrelevant or too many details included-is the point made?
What should your topic sentence do?
Express the main idea of a paragraph and gives a point of focus for supporting ideas.
How are passive sentences described?
Dull and lifeless.
How can you get rid of needless words which and that in your writing?
By dropping them or rewriting slightly.
When is the official memorandum used outside the government?
When conducting business with vendors or contractors and the personal letter is not appropriate.
What is coordination?
Letting others review your correspondence before you send it out.
Why is it necessary to coordinate correspondence?
Many units require coordination before correspondence is sent to higher headquarters or need approval or signatures from the flight chief or commander. Coordination is also necessary when correspondence impacts other offices.
What are the functions of AF Form 1768, Staff Summary Sheet?
Introduces, summarizes, coordinates, or obtains approval or signatures on correspondence.
What is involved in managing communications?
Sorting, routing, amd controlling suspenses.
Suspense Control
Allowing time for possible correction of errors. Correspondence signed by high-level officials.
Arrange incoming mail by name or office symbol.
Has a pronounced effect on office efficiency.
In and Out Baskets
Speeds pickup and delivery of communications.
Flow Charts
Establishes specific paths for communications.
When writing, which way would be the simplest way for making a personal contact?
Familiar, everyday words.
The body of your correspondence explains and clarifies your…
What is the most common format used in Air Force correspondence?
Official Memorandum
The best way to manage correspondence involves sorting, routing, and…
Controlling suspences
Of what is the ARC composed?
All units, organizations, and members of the ANG of the United States and USAFR.
Whers is the focal point of a base’s operations?
Base command post.
A supposition about the current situation.
An emergency involving military forces.
The relocation of forces to a desired area of operation.
The mission for which a measured unit has been equipped organized or designed.
The area where the MTF commander coordinates actions in support of the assigned mission.
A quality or capability of military forces which permits them to move from place to place while retaining the ability to fulfill their primary mission.
The scheme or proposed method for accomplishing a mission or reaching an objective.
Classifying or reclassifying the sick and injured according to urgency of treatment required.
Consolidates a facility’s wartime and peacetime.
Which system is utilized throughout the chain of command to measure the daily resources status of operating forces?
Who is responsible for establishing medical policies and obtaining and allocating resources?
Air Force Surgeon General
Who provides command policy to medical unit commanders on all aspects of medical readiness?
MAJCOM Surgeon Generals
Who arranges for medical support and assistance to subordinate units in case of a natural disaster, major accident, enemy attack, or other contingency?
MAJCOM Surgeon Generals
Who appoints the MRNCO?
MTF Commander
Who establishes the MRSF?
MTF Commander
Name some of the responsiblities of the MRO/MRNCO.
Attends the Medical Readiness Planners Course within 12 months assignment; manages the preparation, coordination, and publication of the MCRP and the medical input to other applicable base-level plans; ensures disaster team training programs are developed, conducted, and properly documented; evaluates and documents unit medical readiness training; and prepares a quarterly report to the MRSF to summarize the status of training, mobility staffing and any problems or shortfalls in in these specific areas; and serves as UDM.
Who is the chairperson of the MRSF?
MTF Commander
In addition to the MTF Commander, who are the other members of the MRSF?
The members of the executive management team (or executive staff), the MRO/MRNCO (Action Office), the Medical Intelligence Officer/NCO (MIO), the Medical Logistics Officer, Medical EET Chief, the Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Medical Defense Officer/NCO (MDO), and any other members designated by the MTF Commander.
A type unit can be made up of how many AFSCs?
Any number of AFSCs that are required to fulfill that UTC’s mission.
The determination of who will fill the required UTC positions will be made by whom?
The determination of who will fill the required UTC positions will be made by the MRSF.
What type of briefing is specifically for the commander and key personnel?
The concept briefing.
What DD Form must be current for all deploying personnel?
Provide a current DD Form 2766, Summary of Care, for all deploying personnel.
Who directs, coordinates, and manages medical deployment planning actions/training?
The medical UDM will direct, coordinate, and manage medical deployment planning actions and training.
Immediatley following the warning order briefing, the UDM will brief the MDG/CC, squadron commanders, and UTC team chiefs/mobility personnel on what for items?
1.) Personnel are placed on alert, as required.
2.) Leave requests are highly scrutinized after the warning order.
3.) Flights perform review of personnel checklist items, checking for and correcting discrepancies.
4.) All deployment personnel on leave/TDY are accounted for and listed.
The FTSR integrates responsibilities, procedures, and standards for the Air Force consequence management including mitigation and emergency response to in what five areas?
1.) Enemy attacks
2.) Terrorist use of WMD
3.) Major Accidents
4.) Natural Disasters
5.) Nuclear, Bioligical, Chemical Threats
Who manages the unit FTSR program?
The FTSR representive
What does the MCRP do?
It establishes procedures for wartime, humanitatrian assistance, homeland security/defense, and disaster response contigencies; as well as provides medical policy and local procedures for BSP.
What’s the difference between the MCRP’s basic plan and its annexes?
The basic plan provides general policy while the annexes provide more specific information.
What information in the MCRP are medical personnel required to review?
The basic part of the plan and all annexes that affect them. Key medical personnel must be familiar with the entire plan.
Who reviews and/or approves the MCRP prior to publication?
The respective MAJCOM.
What information is provided in the “contributing organizations” portion of the MCRP?
A listing of units and organizations (military and civilian) providing support to the MTF in disaster, along with a description of the support each can provide, to include the means of activating support agreement, if applicable.
What portion of the MCRP’s basic plan includes special instructions that state which parts of the plan are required reading?
What’s described in each MCRP annex?
Definitive information as to how, where, when, and who performs a paticular function.
Who prepares and maintains checklists for each annex?
Team chiefs
What are the four traige categories and colors?
How would you triage minor injuries requiring some attention?
How would you triage a patient with a sucking chest wound?
In what triage category would you place a patient that does not have life-threatening injuries, but may require extensive surgery or extensive medical care?
Who is responsible for the distribution of maintenance of the MCRP?
Who verifies that individuals disaster team checklists are available to team members?
How often are checklists reviewed and updated?
Reviewed at least once a year and updated as necessary.
What form can be used to create team checklists?
AF Form 2519
What are the duties of the MCC team chief?
Directs MCC responses during disaster situations and exercises; prepares and maintains annexes and checklists; and conducts team training.
Who is responsible for ensuring an effective alert notification and recall system is established for the unit?
The MTF Commander
What alert notification and recall system is used throughout the Air Force?
The Pyramid alerting system
In reference to the MSR, what does H or hour mean?
The time an MSR is due to the base personnel readiness unit.
What information is needed for the MSR?
The number of military personnel assigned to the unit, the number of military personnel who are not available for duty, the number of military personnel who are currently available for duty, and the total percentage of military personnel available for duty.
What is the primary crash alarm circuit designed to do?
Save lives and prevent the destruction of property through rapid relay of emergency, disaster

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