CBEST Writing

CBEST content specification
ability to 1. write with clarity (i.e. the reader can comprehend immediately what is meant) 2. keep the writing focused (i.e. the reader is kept on the track) 3. develop the ideas in the writing through support or illustration 4. use the conventions of standard written English 5. maintain a line of thought essentially free of non sequiturs, internal contradictions, unwarranted conclusions, and confusion of fact and opinion.

Expressive essay
about a remembered experience.

Expository/referential essay
analytical/argumentative in nature

Basic Format for the Expository/Referential Essay
1. Hook
2. These Statement (whether you agree or disagree with prompt) and short summary of the two or three main points that support your thesis
3. Restate of supporting point 1 (details and examples that demonstrate why supporting point 1 is true)
4. Restatement of supporting point 2 (detail and examples that demonstrate why support point 2 is true)
5. Conclusion that summarises your supporting points and restates your thesis

Tip 1 for Expository/Referential Essay
Beware of logical fallacies such as sweeping generalisations, pst hoc ergo propter hoc, weak analogies, straw ma attacks, slippery slope, etc

Tip 2 for Expository/Referential Essay
If you have trouble coming up with more than one supporting idea for your argument, try splitting that broad argument into two more specific, related arguments.

Basic format for the Expressive Essay
1. Hook/Exposition (set the stage)
2. Inciting indent – what is the goal?
3. First effort – describe what you did
4. Second effort – describe what you did
5. Climax – What did you do that did achieve the goal?
6. Resolution – What did you learn/ how did you change?

Tip 1 for Expressive Essay
If you can`t remember an experience that fits the prompt, make something up. The purpose is to assess the quality of your writing, not whether your story is true.

Tip 2 for Expressive Essay
If you are writing form a real experience, be careful not to become digressive or convoluted. Real life is complicated and full of uncertainty and contradictions, but your essay should not be.

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