Case study 11 river management on river Severn Shrewsbury

Locate shrewsbury
On a series of meander on river severn
Source of river severn in the cambrain mointains
Why is Shrewsbury at risk
Built on the floodplain
River Severn floods frequently due to impermeable rock on Cambrian mountains as steep gradient
How much has been spent on flood defences since 2000
£4.6 million
How is the river managed
Flood wall
Demountable flood barrier
Flooding of parkland upstream of city centre
Earth embankments
Flood wall
2.5m high
Concrete faced with brick
Increases capacity of river channel
Aims to blend in
Demountable flood barrier
Increases capacity of river and creates flood water storage
However it has to be put up in time to be effective
Flooding parkland upstream
Flood storage scheme
Sluice gates open of close
Allowing this reduces water in river and lowers the flood peak
Relatively low value and only affects a few people easy to clean after as well

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