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Moral tale illustrating a point and often used to embellish a sermon

Allegorical tale in which animals act in human ways
beast fable

Short, humorous tale, often bawdy story of lower class life

Tale of chivalric adventure and action

Figurative narrative conveying a veiled meaning

workers and peasants
third estate

conventional kind of literature ; means of classifying

might include interpretation of the visions of a narrator
dream vision

revealing monologue
literary confession

tale of magic, fairies, and folklore
Breton Lais

harry bailey

i tell a tale set in king arthur’s time
wife of bath

my yellow hair is my favorite . i think it looks stylish as i ride my horse.

making an elegant chicken stew is my forte; its too bad i have an ucler on my knee

i am the best example of a good and faithful laborer

Ive made history in various battles. Im “true, perfect, and gentles”

the narrator

Prone to excessive sorrow and showy weeping, i care for all creatures

Astrology is my science of choice. i love gold best

the little money i do find on books even though some would say i should spend more on food or clothing
oxford cleric

The archbishop of Canterbury position was dissolved in the 16th century

Thomas a becket was a very pious Cleri prior to his appointment to Canterbury

priests sometimes wore hair shirts because they were fashionable

in Chaucer’s day, it would have taken three to five days on horseback to reach Canterbury

henry 11 and becket quarreled over the collection of money for pardons

Canterbury is about two hundred miles north of London

Chaucer set “The Canterbury Tales” during the heigh of the pilgrimages in the late 1100’s

Thomas a Becket was poisoned to death

Henry II was a verry able administrator but had a terrible temper

Henry was full of remorse after Beckets death, allowing himself to be flogged

The Canterbury tales was written in the
14th century

The prioress is distinguised by the fact that she
dressed very plainly

Which word best describes the narrator in the prologue?

Chaucers characterization of the prioress, the monk, and others connected with the church are mainly

Which of the following quotations from “The prologue” is the best example of imagery ?
“thinly they fell, like rat-tails , one by one “

The pardoners pious story reveals his

The pardoner earns money from all of the following activities except
making and selling baskets

in the “pardoners tale”, death is portrayed as
both the price of wickedness and an actual person

it is ironic that the pardoner preaches against avarice because he is
especially greedy

The Canterbury tales is a collection of stories written in
verse and prose

The knights quest is
a task given to the queen

According to this tale, what women really want is
mastery over their husbands

the old woman speaks eloquently about
true and false gentility and virtue

The wife of bath tells her tale to do all of the following except
persuade other travelers to agree with her

the knight shows that he has learned what women want most when he
asks his wife to decide which something she will take

What does the knight learn when he asks women what they want most
women disagree on the answer to his question

The pilgrims agree to tell tales during the journey to
win a free meal and entertain one another

the pilgrims are traveling to Canterbury because
the shrine of St Thomas a Becket is there

In “The prologue”, chacers main objective is to
introduce his characters

The Canterbury Tales is an example of an estate satire. The three estates included all the following except

Before 1066, the english language is referred to as
Old english

Which member of the clergy receives the most admiring, flattering description?
the parson

Every level of society in medieval England is represented among the

What do you know about the woman from Bath, based on these lines from the prologue
she is proud and demanding

the number of pilgrims traveling to the shrine is
about 30

How long would it have taken the pilgrims to travel from southwark to Canterbury in Chaucer’s day?
three to five days

according to the host’s plan, each pilgrim would tell
four tales

the pilgrims begin their journey in

An old woman the wayside tells the rioters that they will find death
under a tree

of the many answers the knight hears, which one is closest to the wife of bath’s opinion

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is particularly critical when dealing with the abuses of the
first estate

What happened in 1066 that caused such upheavel
the norman conquest

What is the reward for the best story, as decided by Henry Bailey
a sumptuous dinner at the Tabard

The conclusion to the Pardoner’s Tale is best described as an example of
ironic justice

As soon as the youngest rioter leaves for town, the other two make a plan to
kill him

The prologue is an example of
an estates satire

Why did Chaucer stop writing The Canterbury Tales
he died

Where are the pilgrims going in the Prologue
to the cathedral in Canterbury

The wife of bath is a
A veteran of several pilgrimages and marriages

In the wife of bath’s story about keeping secrets, what secret does Midas reveal to his wife
he has grown donkey ears

Which pilgrim is a young man who stays awake most of the night? He serves his father
the squire

In town, the youngest man talks to
a chemist

After 1066, the english language is referred to as
middle english

Which of the following quotations from “The wife of bath’s tale” is a couplet?
his heart when bathing in a bath of blisses / and melted in a hundred thousands of kisses

A couplet is two consecutive lines of poetry that

The number of tales told is

Which pilgrim did a brisk business in fake holy relics
the pardoner

How does Chaucer imply that the Cook’s dishes are not appetizing?
the cook has a large festering sore

How far is Canterbury Cathedral from London?
just over 50 miles

Chaucer often used this type of meter
iambic pentameter

The narrator says he plans to “give and account of all their words and dealings/ using their very phrases as they fell” For which kind of characterization would an author provide such detail
indirect characterization

What is Chaucer’s main reason for writing about the pilgrimage in the Prologue
to create a setting for telling stories by different characters

Where is Chaucer buried
in the poets corner of Westminister

During the middle ages, french was the language of the ruling class, Latin was regularly used by the church and universities, and english was
the language of the common people

the narrator is portrayed as
naive and observant

the purpose of the pilgrimage is

What does the narrator mean in saying these lines from the Prologue
” But first i beg of you, in courtesy/ not to condemn me as unmannerly ? if i speak plainly and with no concealing’s/ and give account of all their words and dealings
please do not blame me if i tell you the truth about the pilgrims

What contributed most to the triumph of the English language toward the end of the middle ages
the black death and the hundred years war

Which of the following quotations from the prologue is an example of direct characterization?
He was an honest worker, good and true

Which pilgrim apparently knows and uses love potions
the wife of bath

In ____ , words have natural genders
middle english

Geoffrey Chaucer helped Middle english gain respectability because
all of the other answers

The MIller is very skillful at all of the following except
courting women

What is Chaucer’s appellation
the father of english poetry

The three young men promise to
share their discovery

When the three hear about the plague, they swear that they will
slay death

Which pilgrim is NOT a member of guild?
the squire

In order to reveal his characters, Chaucer uses all of the following techniques except
detailed descriptions of the character’s home

Characters in an allegory tend to be

Whom do the pilgrims accept as their leader in the prologue
the host

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