C191 – Module 3: Memory Management

_____ is the method of binding instructions and data to memory performed by most general-purpose operating systems.
Execution time binding
In systems that support virtual memory, ____.
physical memory is separated from logical memory
An address generated by a CPU is referred to as a ____.
logical address
Suppose a program is operating with execution-time binding and the physical address generated is 300. The relocation register is set to 100. What is the corresponding logical address?
Belady’s anomaly states that ____.
for some page replacement algorithms, the page fault rate may increase as the number of allocated frames increases
_____ is the dynamic storage allocation algorithm that results in the smallest leftover hole in memory.
Optimal page replacement ____.
is used mostly for comparison with other page replacement schemes
_____ is the dynamic storage allocation algorithm that results in the largest leftover hole in memory.
A(n) ____ page table has one page entry for each real page (or frame) of memory.
The ____ is the number of entries in the TLB multiplied by the page size.
TLB reach
Consider a logical address with a page size of 8 KB. How many bits must be used to represent the page offset in the logical address?
________ allows the parent and child processes to initially share the same pages, but when either process modifies a page, a copy of the shared page is created.
_____ is the algorithm implemented on most systems.
_____ occurs when a process spends more time paging than executing.
Which of the following statements is false with regard to Solaris memory management?
The speed at which pages are examined (the scan rate) is constant.
With segmentation, a logical address consists of _____.
segment number and offset
Which of the following statements is false with regard to allocating kernel memory?
Because the kernel requests memory of varying sizes, some of which may be quite small, the system does not have to be concerned about wasting memory.
Which of the following data structures is appropriate for placing into its own segment?
heap, kernel code and data, user code and data
______ allows a portion of a virtual address space to be logically associated with a file.
Memory mapping
A(n) ______ matches the process with each entry in the TLB.
address space identifier
Systems in which memory access times vary significantly are known as __________.
non-uniform memory access
Which of the following statements is true with respect to hashed page tables?
They are a common approach for handling address spaces larger than 32 bits.
Which of the following is considered a benefit when using the slab allocator?
There is no memory fragmentation.
Which of the following is not a reason explaining why mobile devices generally do not support swapping?
small size of mobile applications do not require use of swap space

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