BUSN 110 Test 3 Ch 9,11,12 BRCC

What motivates employees to perform on the job is the focus of ____, which is the study of the behavior of individuals and groups in organizational settings
Human Relations
Low morale is likely to result in ____.
Absenteeism which leads to high rates in turnover
The Hawthorne Studies were important because they:
showed psychological factors affect productivity and morale
According to Frederick Taylor, which of the following would motivate employees to work hard?
According to Herzberg’s two-factor theory, the absence of which of the following factors may be a potential source of dissatisfaction and high turnover?
Hygiene and motivation
According to managers who adopt McGregor’s Theory X:
theory x is controlled by fear. Work or I’ll fire you
When compared to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the Theory X style of management focuses on:
physiological and security
Mary follows McGregor’s Theory Y approach to management. She is likely to assume that:
social, esteem and self actualization motivates her employees
A compressed workweek is:
allows an employee to schedule their hours however they want to work; 4 ten hour shifts or 5 eight hour shifts
Which of the following statements is NOT true of the marketing concept philosophy?
Recognize and the satisfy customer needs
. _____ is the goal of the marketing concept.
Recognize and satisfy the customers needs
Which of the following is an ineffective practice to follow while implementing the marketing concept?
Recognize and satisfy the customers needs
In the context of the evolution of the marketing concept, the era of production orientation was characterized by ____.
Trying to persuade people to buy products
. Ferava Inc. is a company that markets its products—luxury wristwatches—exclusively to high-income individuals and celebrities. Thus, high-income individuals and celebrities are most likely Ferava Inc.’s ____.
Target market
Red Unicorn Inc. is a company that manufactures wooden planks for construction. It has categorized its customers on the basis of their product requirements into construction companies, wholesalers, and government institutions. Which of the following marketing strategies is best illustrated in this scenario?
Consumer segmentation
True Pharmaceuticals Inc. manufactures and sells a variety of drugs for a large market consisting of people of different genders, ages, educational backgrounds, lifestyles, geographic locations, and income levels. It assumes that all buyers have similar medical needs and wants. In this scenario, True Pharmaceuticals Inc. is best demonstrating a _____ approach to marketing
Total market approach
Which of the following products is most suitable for selling through a total-market approach?
Products that are for a wide majority of people
Electronica Inc. is the first mobile phone retailer to sell smart phones to high-school students at easily affordable prices. The company has one marketing strategy for the entire market of high-school students and focuses all its efforts on this one segment. In this scenario, Electronica Inc. is most likely using the _____ approach for marketing its smart phones.
Concentration approach
If a company develops an advertising campaign exclusively for a segment of consumers with a certain income and education, which of the following segmentation variables is the company using?
Gear Power Inc., an automobile company, manufactures different cars for different market segments. It markets SUVs for customers who live in the mountains, sedans for customers in the coastal plains, and smaller hatchback cars for those in big cities. In this scenario, Gear Power Inc. is primarily using _____ variables of market segmentation.
Geographic approach
Anna is an environmental activist who never buys paper-based products unless they are made from recycled paper. Which of the following psychological factors is primarily responsible for Anna’s buying behavior in this scenario?
. Jennifer is highly influenced by actresses in movies and advertisements. She wishes to dress like them and adopt their lifestyle. When she is shopping, these celebrities are her point of comparison. In this scenario, actresses in movies and advertisements are Jennifer’s ____.
Reference group
Each time David wants to change his cell phone, he surveys the opinions of his colleagues and friends to decide which phone to buy. Thus, David’s colleagues and friends are his ____.
Reference group
Due to the increasing purchasing power and per capita income of the population of the country of United Nombavia, True Couture Inc. decided to launch its premium line of clothing and bags in the country. Which of the following environmental forces primarily helped True Couture Inc. make this decision?
Economic forces
During which of the following stages of the product development process are most new product ideas rejected because they seem inappropriate for an organization?
New idea screening
If a nationwide sandwich shop introduces a new sandwich in the Midwest to try out its marketing strategy before offering the product across the country, it is in the _____ stage of the product development process.
Test marketing
During which stage of the product development process does a firm gear up for full-scale production, distribution, and promotions of its products?
Magazines located next to the checkout counter at a grocery store would probably be classified as:
convenience produts
Products such as furniture, audio equipment, bicycles, and clothing are generally classified as:
7-UP, Cherry 7-UP Antioxidant, and Diet 7-UP are products in 7-UP Inc.’s:
product line
If a product is experiencing negative profits and the company is spending a great deal of money on advertising to make consumers aware of the product, the product is most likely in the _____ stage of the product life cycle.
Introduction phase
If a company is eliminating certain models of a product and cutting back on expenditures, the product is most likely in the _____ stage of the product life cycle.
Decline phase
With respect to branding, Diet Coke is a
brand name
Private distributor brands:
3 different types of brands: manufacturing, generics, and private distributor,
The financial value placed on an object involved in an exchange between a buyer and a seller is known as its:
Dynamix Computers initially charged a low price for its new computer and then raised the price after gaining a large market share. Which of the following pricing strategies did Dynamix Computers use in this scenario?
Skimming and psychological pricing
When a company sets a low price for a new product to discourage competition from entering the market, it is using the _____ strategy.
Skimming pricing
If a cosmetics company is selling an eye shadow priced at $11.99 rather than $12, it is using:
psychological pricing
If a company’s goal is to develop an image of having very high-quality luxury products, it should employ a(n):
psychological pricing schemes
47 Avenue Boutique buys shoes for men, women, and children from a large producer and sells them directly to end-users. In this scenario, 47 Avenue is a(n) ____.
If a company buys televisions from a manufacturer and then sells them to department stores, it is probably a _____.
whole sale
Selective distribution:
producer relies on a few intermediaries to carry their products
Convenience products such as bread, milk, and chewing gum would probably be distributed:
High-quality items such as musical instruments, sailboats, and airplanes would probably use a(n) _____ distribution coverage.
Exclusive intermediaries
Which of the following promotion mix variables is best for promoting expensive products with specialized uses, such as houses?
Venn Networks recently unveiled its new smartphone at a press conference. There was a news release about the new smartphone and all the members of the company’s top management interacted with the media during this conference. Venn Networks is using the promotional strategy of _____ in this scenario.
Colors, a company manufacturing cosmetics and body care products, offers retailers a special incentive to carry its new line of shower gels and body lotions. Which of the following promotion strategies is being applied by Colors in this scenario?
Sales promotion
When Energia, a soft drink company, seeks to use viral ads on the Internet to introduce its new beverage to consumers before introducing it to supermarkets, it uses a:
push market strategy
When a company uses advertising and sales promotion to inform consumers about a product, so that the consumers will ask retailers to stock it, which of the following promotion strategies is being used?
Pull market strategy
Bart’s Beer targets its O-So-Light beer at those who want to drink beer without consuming many calories. This best exemplifies:
positioning in the market
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