Business and society Chapter

By 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that what percentage of all workers will be women?
47 percent
Age, ethnicity, gender, mental or physical disabilities, race, and sexual orientation or what dimensions of diversity?
which ethnic group, as defined by the US Census, represents the fastest growing percentage of the labor force?
women have entered the workforce
all of the above
the pay gap for Hispanic women, relatively to white men, has
declined by almost 5 since 2000
which of the following is not true about occupational segregation?
the large pay gap for Hispanic workers partly reflects their concentration in several high paying occupations
in 2011, what percentage of corporate officers of the Fortune 500 companies were woman?
14 Percent
A study by Catalyst found that companies with three or more female directors had:
significantly higher returns on equity that those with no female
“Glass walls” refers to:
fewer opportunities to move sideways into jobs that lead to the top
which of the following is not true about women business owners?
they are forming businesses to roughly the same rate that men are
which of the following government rules on equal treatment of employees does not apply to businesses?
affirmative action plans must be permanent
which of the following is not true about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EECO)
it monitors foreign government employment practices
executive order 11246, is stablished in 1965 mandates
affirmative action for all federal contractors and subcontractors
which of the following is an argument against affirmative action?
it is inconsistent with the principles of fairness and equality
reverse discrimination occurs when
one group is unintentionally discriminated against in an effort to help another group
sexual harassment applies to
either men or women who are being harassed
racial harassment is illegal under
title VII of the Civil Rights act
since the early 1990 s racial harassment charges filed
have more than doubled to about nine thousand a year
companies can combat sexual and racial harassment and protect themselves from expensive lawsuits by:
A. developing a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and communicate it clearly to employees
B. establishing a complaint procedure and act quickly to resolve any problems
A and B but not C
which of the following is an action that companies take to manage diversity?
set up a Diversity Council to monitor the company’s goals
which of the following is not a benefit of managing diversity effectively?
these businesses get tax breaks from the federal government
which of the following is are to about child care programs?
all of the above
when a mother or father is granted time off when children are born or adopted and during the early months of a child’s development this is called:
parental leave
under the Family and Medical Leave Act FMLA passed in 1993
companies that employ 50 or more people must grant unpaid job protected leave for up to 12 weeks to employees faced with serious family needs
what steps have companies been taken to support their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees?
all of the above