Boone and Kutz: Contemporary Marketing Chapter 4

Social Media
Different forms of electronic communication through which users can create online communities to exchange information, ideasm messages, and other content, such as videos or music.
Social Media Platform
A type of software or technology that allows users to build, integrate, or facilitate a community, interaction among users, and user-generated content
Social Media Tool
Software (such as an app or blog) that enables users to communicate with each other online.
Social Networking Site
A website that provides virtual communities through which people can share information, post opinions, and increase their circle of online friends.
Bookmarking Site
A platform that gives users a place to save, organize, and manage links to websites and other internet sources.
Social News Site
A platform where users can post news items to links to outside articles, then vote on which postings get the most prominent display.
Online Forum
A platform where users post messages and hold conversations on specified topics
Blogging Site
A platform where a host or writer posts information or opinions on various topics and followers may respond
A blog posting that contains only a few words (such as on Twitter)
Short for application, a free or purchased software download that links isers to a wide range of goods and services, media and text content, social media platforms, search engines, and the like.
QR code
Short for “quick response,” a two-dimensional bar code that can be read by some mobile phones with cameras
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
The use of soical media portals to create a positive influence on consumers or business customers toward an organization’s brand, products, public image, or website.
Social Media Marketing Plan
A formal document that identifies and describes goals and strategies, targeted audience, budget and implementation methods, as well as tactics for monitoring, meausring and managing the SMM effort.
Individuals with the capability of affecting the opinionsor actions of others
Content Marketing
Creating and distributing relevant and targeted material to attract and engage an audience, with the goal of driving them to a desired action.
Social Media Monitoring
The process of tracking, measuring and evaluating a firm’s social media marketing initiatives
Social Media Analytics
Tools that help marketers trace, measure and interpret data related to social media marketing initiatives
Return on Investment (ROI)
The rate of revenues received for every dollar spent on an expense

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