“Body Atlas: in the Womb” Essay

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Pregnancy is said to be one of the most beautiful creative processes but yet a great mystery. Conceive the 9-month waiting for the baby to develop from the moment he is only a small cell until he becomes a child in flesh and blood. We should capture that pregnancy is a natural and normal phenomena. As a woman, I understand that pregnancy is a very significant time of a woman’s life and it is very important to know what happens in these nine months and what you can do to keep things on track and avoid problems. The film was really helpful to us, Medical Technology students, especially those who will pursue medicine.

Maybe everybody’s wondering about how a baby’s formed, how they could stay at the womb for months and actually to come out into a complete form of human. These questions could be answered when trying to see this film. At this film, I realized how it is amazing for just after that sperm cell could enter the egg cell, a new organism is formed. When we are not aware of the whole course of pregnancy, we may not know what time in the pregnancy when the organic systems and parts of the body will develop. And I think as much as possible we must have this knowledge for at least when we are asked, we could answer them confidently.

Another is by watching this film, we could have the realization that pregnancy is only for those women who are ready enough to bear a child and take care of themselves during the pregnancy. By watching how painful it is for a woman to give birth, you may think you don’t want to experience it at all. I am too young for having a child right now so I felt that possibly when I get pregnant, I will not be happy and excited about it so the point is, being a mother is about the right age and the time of being prepared to have a child. It is very uneasy to give birth but if you are eager then you are brave enough to face the laboring.

We all have Biology subject in high school and perchance in college depending to the course. For instance, we may wonder what has to be the use of having this topic when our courses are not in the medical field. Of course it is significant! One day you will have a child and once you are aware of it, then it will be easier for you to handle it. I strongly agree that classical music helps a lot in making a child tolerate positive attitudes and behaviors and may develop their future talents. Yes babies do hear in the womb! I believe to Sir Johnny that listening to classical music can benefit your baby, particularly, can make your child smarter.

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