Blue Eyes Technology Narrative Essay Example
Blue Eyes Technology Narrative Essay Example

Blue Eyes Technology Narrative Essay Example

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  • Published: December 23, 2017
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It realizes the urgency of the situation through the mouse, dials your friend at his office, and establishes a connection. Human cognition depends primarily on the ability to perceive, interpret, and integrate audio-visuals and censoring information. Adding extraordinary perceptual abilities to computers would enable computers to work together with human beings as intimate partners. Researchers are attempting to add more capabilities to computers that will allow them to interact Like humans, recognize human presents, talk, listen, or even guess their feelings.

The technology alms at creating computational machines that have perceptual and sensory ability like those of human beings. It uses non-obtrusive ensign method, employing most modern video cameras and microphones to identifies the users actions through the use of imparted sensory abilities . The machine can understand what a user wants, where he is lookin


g at, and even realize his physical or emotional states. One of the main benefits of speech recognition system is that it lets user do other works simultaneously.

The user can concentrate on observation and manual operations, and still control the machinery by voice Input commands. Another major application of speech processing Is In military operations. Voice control of weapons Is an example. With reliable speech recognition equipment, pilots can give commands and information to the computers by simply speaking into their microphones-?they don't have to use their hands for this purpose.

Another good example is a radiologist scanning hundreds of X-rays, ultrasonic's, CT scans and simultaneously dictating conclusions to a speech recognition system connected to word processors. The radiologist can focus his attention on the images rather than writing the text. Voice recognition could also be used o

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computers for making airline and hotel reservations. A user requires simply to state his needs, to make reservation, cancel a serration, or make enquiries about schedule.

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