Bill Of Rights – Amendments (1-10) Answers

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
1st Amendment
Protect Freedom of Religion, Speech, Petition, Press, and Assembly,
2nd Amendment
You have the right to own guns
3rd Amendment
The government cannot force people to keep troops in their private homes

4th Amendment
Protection against Unreasonable Search and Seizure
5th Amendment
The Right to Remain Silent/Double Jeopardy, right to due process
6th Amendment
The right to a Speedy Trial by jury, representation by an attorney for an accused person
7th Amendment
The right to a trial by Jury in civil cases over $20.00
8th Amendment
Prohibits excessive fines and excessive bail/and cruel unusual punishment
9th Amendment
Rights not included in Constitution go to the people
10th Amendment
Powers not given to federal government go to people and States

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